May 25, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Slit Dress (Coming Soon), Malibu Cali Sliders, Rachael Ruddick Bag, RayBan Sunnies, Galisfly Nose Ring, THPShop Rings and Breda Watch.

The quote "Women who wear black lead colourful lives" speaks to me; the colour black is such a strong part of my identity. It can sometimes represent rebel-ness, or be the perfect harmony. Black, as Coco Chanel once said, has it all. It is the perfect contradiction. It make us feel sophisticated, cultured and confident, it simultaneously gives a nod to style and the finger to being in fashion. Black is both a uniform and an individual statement. Fuss-free accessories are important in my minimal wardrobe, to accentuate the strong lines, the result is a refined look with a hint of attitude.
Any season is perfect for investing in those dark timeless items. Pieces that will see you through this Summer. and the next. Check out my designs here, we offer classic black with minimal and modern silhouettes. This dress is called the Slit Dress it will be coming out soon! You can pre order now (leave a comment below if you want one). Also super stoked that my friends at Malibu Cali, who have launched their shoe line, I am in love with the Andi sandals!

Photo by Mackenzie Walker

May 22, 2015


Let's talk about hair care routine! If you have long hair like I do, you need to give that extra love and attention to your locks. The longer the hair. the older it is and easier it breaks. I trim my hair once every 3 to 4 months to get rid of the split ends and to keep it fresh and healthy. I also switch hair products once every 6 months and rotate within the brands I like. In the past I have used Ojon, Aveda and Kerastase. Now I'm trying something called Hair By Moses, I chose the Gold Signature Line because it is filled with pure French Pistachio Oil, Argan Oil and Dead Sea Minerals (all good things for any hair). I normally wash my hair 2 times a week; unless I'm in a tropical country or have been exercising a lot, then I wash it more often. I usually condition in for about 3 minutes so the hair can absorb all the benefits from the product. If you want to try my latest find for good hair go to Vanity Planet Store, use MAHAIR07 to receive 30% off all Hair By Moses products at check out. Please share below what you do, and what are your secrets for keeping your hair on point. 

May 18, 2015


WEARING: JBrand Top, Topshop Pants, Tibi Mules, Rachael Ruddick Bag, Quay Australia Sunglasses and 8 Other Reasons Rings.

The key to wearing an all white look is to keep a tide-to-go in your bag; seriously if you are clumsy like I am, you will know they are life savers. As for clothes the best way to do white on white is to mix textures (see the contrast of the sheer JBrand Top, and my Topshop pants). Wearing all white screams freshness, and that you are confident in your style. Another thing to do when wearing any head to toe look is to keep things simple, you don't require many accessories: a good bag, a pair of sunglasses and minimal jewellery is all you need. I know white can be tricky and if you are not ready to take the plunge then add other muted colour in, like your bag, sunnies, shoes or jacket. I used my bag and my Quay sunglasses to break the look.

Photography by Vanessa Hong

May 11, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Carrie Top, JNBY Blazer, Pants, Malibu Alfie Bag (as a clutch) & Adidas Slide, Ceramic By Ava Ring.

I think for any great wardrobe you need to have a simple, clean and minimal foundation, aka basics. Basics are such an important part of my closet, without a good base of staples it is hard to get any outfit to work properly. Sometimes it is good to clean up your closet, see what still works, what needs replacing and always to go back to your staples; as they can be used almost all the time (from work-appropriate to weekend fun). If you need any new basics, make sure to check out our latest collection which will help you mix and match with our existing pieces. Check us out here!

Pinstripes are some of my favourite new additions to my wardrobe this year, they are usually attached to men's wear, but for the past seasons they have made an impact on women's wear. I am always thinking of how to get the most mileage from my pieces; so I always like to buy things I can wear it day and night, studio/office to fun. In this case I used our Melissa Araujo Carrie top as a foundation, added the JNBY tailored blazer, adding the pinstripe pants and finishing with the Adilette slide to give an edge. But if you want to keep it classic all you need to do is change the shoes.

Photography by Mackenzie Walker

May 04, 2015


WEARING: American Apparel Denim LS, Cameo the Label Skirt, Adidas Gazelle (Men Style), Galisfly Rings and Casetify Metaluxe Phone Case.

If you follow me on Instagram (@melissa.araujo), you would have already seen that I bought a pair of blue denim ripped jeans, and have now added this denim top and skirt to the mix. Denim is one of those things that you know no matter what trend, or what the new best thing is; denim will always be around. There is never a shortage of options: Washes varie from light to the deepest indigos, from distressed ripped denim, to structured dresses and skirts. I decided to wear a monochrome total denim look. Wearing clothes in the same palette will always give you a strong look. Why? Because it demands attention and not everyone can pull it off. This Cameo skirt is very fun and feminine, for contrast and balance I paired it with this American Apparel Men's Button Up, and the Adidas Gazelles so there is still a bit of masculinity.

Photos by Mackenzie Walker

April 27, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo BASICS, JBrand Jeans, Polysemy Bracelets & Alexander Wang Kori Boots.

As most of you know earlier this month we launched our new collection: BASICS. It features seven tops for everyday life; the material is bamboo jersey for the outmost comfort and the pieces are all handmade in Canada. We choose to be conscious of where our product is made, not just where it is designed. We want people to understand where their clothes are produced and why it matters.

Have you heard of an organization called Fashion Revolution? Fashion revolution is a global coalition of designers, business leaders and writers calling for a reform in the fashion production and supply chain. They are asking consumers, designers and brands to ask a simple question "Who Made My Clothes? Check out their site to find out more and have look at our sustainable designs here.

Photos by Carmin Edwards

April 20, 2015


WEARING: YearOne Collective Proust Leather Jacket, Melissa Araujo Tank Top, JBrand Jeans Tailored High Flare, Nasty Gal Heels, Celine Trio Bag, Club Monaco Sunnies and THP Jewellery.

The thing is, flares are not as easy to wear as skinny or boyfriend jeans because they always require heels to fit properly; no wonder they are viewed as the ultimate leg lengthener. I am a devotee to the skinny fit and I don't wear heels that often, so I realized that the flare look will only be for special occasions. Keep in mind proportion is everything when you are wearing flares. You don't want to look frumpy, so you need to find that tricky balance between fashion-forward and casual. You want to make sure your style is still coming across strong and that you are not just another girl, following another trend. I kept it simple: Our Hellen Tank Top gives a casual touch (and I swear this is gonna be my go to tank for the Summer); Instead of suede, I went with this comfortable shearling leather jacket from YearOne and my choice of  JBRAND Jeans. I am definitely gonna wear my flares again, what about you - Ready to flare?

Photography by Mackenzie Walker