July 25, 2016


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Top (coming soon), JBrand Jeans, Alexander Wang Heels, Fendi Bag & THP SHOP cuffs.

Today was my birthday, I feel so thankful and grateful to be surrounded by amazing, incredible people. I have to pinch myself sometimes, I am so lucky to have like minded people as friends, who are truly happy to support me chase my dreams.

I want to thank my friends, family and everyone who brings the best out of me, because of them I believe that I can better myself everyday, and push to get there. I feel loved and full of positive energy; I have a smile stamped across my face and my heart is full.

I wore this to my birthday brunch, the top is from my upcoming collection (coming soon), I am working hard to finish it. Keep watching this space as I preview what is new in my design life, and new outfits will be coming soon!

Photos by Ben Kwan.

June 26, 2016


WEARING: H&M Slip Dress, Everlane White Tee, Nike Cortez Sneakers, Cluse Watches, Galisfly Bracelet, Vrai & Oro x FIGTNY Rings and Lo & Sons Bag

Simplicity at its best, the slip dress is the perfect item to add to your closet. The style has made a serious comeback since its heyday in the 90's. If there was an official ambassador for this trend, it would be Kate Moss; there are dozen of Moss slip dress moments from the 90's and she looked effortless in them. I am all for the no fuss outfits and the Slip Dress is it, also versatile for layering. You can wear it on its own or add a turtleneck, a tee or a leather jacket depending on the season, for a very cool and easy look! Let me know in the comments how you would style your slip dress!

Photos by Jeff Nicholls

June 12, 2016


WEARING: THPSHOP Charlie Tunic & Rings, Diesel Jeans (DIY ripped), Vans Sneakers, Galisfly Bracelet, Lo & Sons The Pearl Bag.

The Off-The-Shoulder silhouette has been seen on runways, all over the streets and on social media. This style is sexy in that unexpected but not over the top kind of way. It was hard for me to find something that would show off my shoulders and collarbone, without feeling too feminine or bohemian; until I came across this knit from my friend Vanessa at The Haute Pursuit. This tunic was the perfect option for me, it has a great balance between sexy, minimal and a contemporary approach to the style. I paired it with sneakers and strong quality accessories - which to me is about as modern as it gets.

Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls.

May 23, 2016


To travel, to see and experience more of the world are some of my main goals in life. I travel as much as possible, work hard, save and go; it's even better when I get to go somewhere for work. I have many countries, cities and places that I would like to visit one day. Morocco was on my list, and what a place! Beautiful in its many colours, streets are alive with noises, the people and the architecture will leave your senses full and wanting more. I was fortunate enough to visit this country with one of my best friends, and we really took our time exploring the cities, markets, restaurants and street food too - best mint tea ever. Sometimes not all experiences abroad, being a female traveller are pleasant, trust me we had a few of those moments. I have learnt when travelling to just roll with things as they happen, good or bad. Do not hold on to anything that is not going to bring you positivity, to just take in all that is different and beautiful. 
What are your dream places to visit? Share some of your experiences and let me know in the comments below!

May 02, 2016


WEARING: Cameo Collective Crop Top, Vintage Pants, Hieleven Bag, Cluse Watch, Galisfly Rings, Adilette & Common Muse Earrings.

Weekends are usually when you will see me wearing something other than my weekday uniform (black top or sweater, paired with black skinny jeans, a choice of leather jacket / a bomber or an oversized long coat - depending on the weather) always with sneakers. During the week I don't exactly get an A for effort, all black is the easiest way for making yourself socially acceptable without having to spend too much time getting ready.

I am all about being comfortable and dressing down, but you will never see me out in sweatpants. On the weekends though, when I have extra time to think about what I want to wear, that's when I like to try a few things that I wouldn't wear on a weekday. Here for example I paired a crop top with high waist, wide leg pants and Adilettes, semi tucked hair and minimal accessories for the win. Most people probably wouldn't be able to wear this look at work (not everyone works in fashion), but you can rock it during the weekend.

What is your weekend vibe? Tell me in the comments below! xx

Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls.

April 26, 2016


WEARING: Beth Richards x THP Cara White Crop Top + Naomi Bottom and Beth Richards Amber Top + Naomi Bottom Black.

10 days in paradise: blue skies, sunshine, the ocean and white sands. It was exactly what I needed. Nothing like salt water and fresh air to get your energy balanced and new ideas flowing. I miss this place. Is it too soon to say I am ready for another get away?!

Images taken with iPhone 6.

April 10, 2016


WEARING: Melissa Araujo V-Neck Top, 7FAM Cropped Denim Jeans, Luv Aj Pony Leather jacket, Converse Sneakers, Common Muse Earrings, Galisfly Bracelet & Cluse Watch

Denim isn't going anywhere, this Spring, it's all about the cropped skinnies. I am trying this trend with the 7FAM Cropped High Waist Jeans. What to look for: straight-leg jeans in a medium or dark wash with a cropped hem. They look great with a simple T-shirt (here wearing with our Melissa Araujo V-Neck from our BASICS collection) layered with a leather jacket; but once the weather warms up, try them with a crop or tank top. For shoes, pair them with sneakers or sandals. These are ideal options for Spring and Summer, but come Fall you can pair them with ankle booties.

As with any new trend, it's important to style your outfit to flatter your silhouette. This casual jeans looks great with tailored pieces as well, like blazers and button-down shirts that balance it out. What I am wearing here could easily be paired with high heels or mules for a dressed up look. 
Photos by Jeff Nicholls.