November 11, 2016


WEARING: Mango Coat, Acne Pants, Adidas Sneakers, Galisfly Rings & MalibuCali Alfie Bag.

It doesn’t take a fashion expert to master the art of mixing and matching. Once you learn a few simple tricks of the trade, you’ll be pairing patterns like any blogger in no time. It’s easier than it looks. Once you have these easy tips down, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. Some of the best combinations happen when you least expect.

1. Use the Law of Attraction:

Graphic prints always play well together. Stripes need not be worn exclusively in one direction. So forget everything you've been told and get creative. In my case I worn vertical stripes with a graphic print on my sweater. The simpler and more graphic the prints, the easir they are to mix, the same print in different sizes will pair well together regardless of colour scheme.

2. Break Up The Look With Solids:

You can go for matching the palette and not the pattern.  You can layer in some solid-colored clothes and accessories to make the mitch and match seem less loud. If the colours look good together, more often than not the patterns will too. Here I paired black, navy and off white together to keep my outfit somewhat subdue but still playing with the stripes and geometric print.

3. Have fun:

If print on print and colours are your gem, go for it, have fun. Mix stripes, flower and geometric prints, because the best thing in life is breaking rules. Do you! Let me know in the comments how you mix and match stripes and prints, I would love to hear it.

Photo by Carmin Edwards

November 03, 2016


WEARING: Isabel Marant Jacket, Melissa Araujo LS Top, Diesel Jeans (DIY Holes), Aska Troy Bootie, Celine Sunglasses and Fendi 2jour Bag

While in Paris I visited some showrooms and saw the new SS17 collections up close. The brands that impressed me the most were Beth Richards Swimwear (from Canada), Azede Jean Pierre (from the US) and Filles a Papa (from Belgium) because of their beautiful craftsmanship and originality. I highly recommend that you check their work and designs over Instagram. I want to give a shout out to the designers from each brand who just happen to be cool and empowered females.

As my friend Natasha and I were walking over the famous Alexander III Pont, we decided to take a few photos before going to our next showroom appointment. I was feeling bad ass while wearing this cool Isabel Marant jacket, paired with my fav ripped jeans and Celine glasses. Let's just say sometimes an outfit can make your day and give you extra confidence! This one certainly did that for me.

Photo by Natasha Ndlovu

October 27, 2016


Yasss! The launch date for the new collection is approaching fast, I am so excited to share these behind the scenes snaps with you. I love them because they show the hard work and the fun we had shooting the campaign, and all the styles. The new collection will be sleek, minimal and available in all black. I can't wait to share it with you soon!!

Our photographer was my friend, and the ever talented M'c Kenneth, more known for his own fashion blog Little Fashionisto. He is also re-branding and re-designing my website (so many exciting things coming!). Our model Courtney was fantastic; strong in every shot and so pleasant to work with. We have now become good friends and I have had a girl-crush on her ever since. MUA were done by the amazing Ros Ng, who executed her work to perfection and we loved the results! The assistant photographer was Carmin Edwards, who on top of assisting took these beautiful behind the scenes shots. Last but not least my close friend Terry who literally assisted me with all things in between. I am so very thankful for them, and for sharing their talents, time and hard work with me. I hope you love the new collection as much as I do, coming out the second week of November. Cheers!

October 20, 2016


WEARING: Anna Quan Anne Shirt (Blue Trim), American Apparel Leather Skirt & Nike Force 1 Sneakers.

The trend of exaggerated and longer sleeves is not going anywhere anytime soon. It was present in a lot of the shows that I attended and in the new pieces for SS17 on display in the showrooms. So I choose this classic French cuff shirt by Anna Quan you have the option to have it monogramed, I choose not to, wanted to keep it cleaner.  Photos by Natasha Ndlovu.

Now here are some snaps of Paris Fashion Week from my iPhone, my highlight was seeing independent & emerging designers kill it alongside all the big and well known brands. Below is the Masha Ma show that I had the privilege of attending, my two favourite looks both happened to be power (yet fun) suits! The show was located in a cool-raw concrete building close to the Eiffel Tower, the music was loud and the models were drop-dead gorgeous.
Next is the Wanda Nylon show; the location was an empty warehouse by the water. The clothes were sexy and fun, the lights were dimmed. I especially loved the earrings at this show. I am so very humbled by the opportunity and experience of attending the shows and being able to go to the showrooms. I am feeling really inspired for my own brand and designs; dreams and goals are good, let us chase them!

October 13, 2016


WEARING: THP Lab Gigi Tunic, American Apparel Skirt, Nike Sneakers, Vintage Prada Bag & Celine Shades.

Long time, no post. Sorry for the delay, but I am still overseas in Europe - at the moment back in Paris, which is the reason for some of the silence. I am active on my Instagram if you want to see some of what I have been up to, check it here.

Here is one of my Paris Fashion week outfits. This beautiful Criss-Cross Knit Tunic by THP Shop; the weather has been quite nice, allowing me to show some skin and wear high slits, I styled it with sneakers to bring the sexiness down. If you don't recognize where I am, it is the Palais Royal, in the First Arrondesiment of Paris. It houses the Ministry of Culture, it is also one of the favorite locations for big brands like Isabel Marant to showcase their new collections every season. It is an exquisite building and at the rear there is a beautiful garden. If you ever have a chance to visit, I recommend it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be working on preparing updates about what shows I attended during PFW and the outfits that I have not shared yet on Instagram. Stay tuned, a lot of good things are coming soon!

September 25, 2016


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Duster, BC Label Slip Dress, A.P.C Half Moon Bag, THP Shop Cuffs, Celine Sunglasses and Tibi Mules.

The understated duster has long been an essential staple in my wardrobe, so much so that I decided to make one for my new collection (coming soon). Incredibly useful for layering year round, it encapsulates minimal style for me: simple, sleek and ultimately timeless. Here I wore it with another easy piece of the moment: the slip dress, paired with minimal accessories for that effortless style edge.

My new collection will have simple but strong silhouettes, with clean lines and some daring cut-outs. I am still in Paris (these photos were taken the day before I left to Europe), oh the grand spectacle that is Paris Fashion Week. I am loving every moment, be sure to check my Instagram and Insta stories here to see what I am up too. I will soon have blog posts about Paris, PFW and more. Everywhere you go here is a treasure of culture and fashion delight.

Photo by Jeffrey Nicholls

September 18, 2016


Change is good and I have been feeling like I needed some in my life, not just physical but also to break some old habits. I took these portraits to capture my long hair, I have had this style as far back as I can remember. Long hair was something I could always rely on and it was a big part of my identity; but people grow and want change.

I love these shots and after seeing them it gave me the extra confidence I needed to take action. Without overthinking it, I booked a hair appointment and without any fuss just got it done. I know for some people getting a hair cut is not a drastic move, but for me this was not only a big change, it was also a great boost of self-confidence.

A reminder that we can be fearless, risk takers and to never forget to try new things. If you want to see the new hairstyle check out my feed on Instagram here. Also be sure to keep checking there and my insta-stories, as I am leaving to Europe tomorrow, first stop Paris to attend PFW! Then I will be travelling around, I am beyond excited. If you are going to be in Paris holla!

Photo by Carmin Edwards