As you may have seen on social media, it was Paris Fashion Week. Despite the usual rush and busy venues, I love Paris during fashion week because you get to live fashion in its truest form: in the streets. Everyone (or at least most people) is looking so good, not just the ones attending the shows but actual Parisians; this is one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

The city of lights is so elegant and yet so cool, full of amazing architecture and shopping temptations at every corner. It is impossible not to surrender to its beauty and history. The impeccable blend of the past with the modern is one of my favourite things about Paris, alongside walking by the banks of the Seine. This without even mentioning the delicious croissants and wine. If you haven't visited, you should, it is a city that everyone should visit; if you have been you know how fortunate you are!


  1. I have never visited Paris but planning for the next Fashion Week in September, it looks amazing!

  2. such gorgeous pics <3

  3. Such wonderful impressions of Paris. Is there any more beautiful city in the world?

    xx Sarah-Allegra

  4. Adorable all this photos
    Love it

    >> <<

  5. Lovely photos. I always dreamed of going to Paris and I definitely will. What I would love even more is to be there during fashion week.


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