WEARING: M-A Turtleneck, Asos Leather Jacket, C/meo Tank, J-Brand Jeans, M-A Mini Link Earrings & M-A Half Circle Bracelet.

London has several distinct shopping streets and areas, many of which have their own themes and niches. Shopping in London is exciting and varied, from luxury to independent designers, famous department stores to street markets. You can easily spend hours or the whole day browsing.

I hope this list helps you next time you are travelling to London, I had the best time and spent many afternoons walking through these neighbourhoods and shops. I look forward to the day that some of those shops can carry my brand M-A too ;) If you like to support and shop independent designers please have a look at my new collections for clothing and jewelry here.

Here is the best areas to shop in London:

Carnaby Street
In the 60's Carnaby street was the place for fashion and culture. Now it features more than 150 brands, 50 independent restaurants and bars, it is located between Oxford Street and Regent Street. It has an intriguing mix of independent boutiques and heritage brands.

Oxford Street
Said to be the heart of London shopping, it has more than 300 shops, designer outlets and is home to the legendary Selfridges. It is always busy and bustling with people, you can check the latest trends and high street shops like Topshop and Zara.

Covent Garden
Whittier you want hip fashion, unique gifts Covent Garden is the place to explore. Stock up with original works from independent designers and crafters you can find anything from jewellery to bags, flowers, sweets and you will get a true taste of London's most distinctive shopping area. And did I mention everyone there is looking so good, I felt like i was attending a street fashion show!

Bond Street and Mayfair
Whether you want to spoil yourself on the very best high end designers or just love window shopping for inspiration and beauty, Bond street and Mayfair are ideal places for some luxury retail therapy. Here you can find Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tiffany and Chanel to name a few. Many iconic stores.

Dover Street Market 
It was created by the artist Rei Kawakubo, it primarily sells Comme des Garçons but you can find stylish high-end designers like Celine, Balenciaga, Chloe, and it has the famous Rose Bakery Cafe for you to enjoy a treat while you shop. This store is a dream to be in if you love to see an impeccable retail space, with so much beauty and creativity together, Dover Street Market is for you. If you can't dish out the cash it requires, you can go in and window shop for some beauty and style inspiration. I highly recommend it.

Notting Hill
This area offers a vast array of small, unique shops, selling different and vintage clothing, antiques, quirky items, books and tons of organic goodies. The famous Portobello Market is located here, and nearby you can find hip cafes and art galleries.

Photos by Natasha Ndlovu


  1. Always gorgeous! That jacket *.*

  2. Nice outfit (:

    CM | XIII.

  3. Nice jacket ,black color is my fav .Looking so beautiful .....

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