WEARING: M-A Turtleneck, H&M Jeans, American Apparel Stockings, Loefflee Randall Winnie Flat, Prada Bag, Celine Sunnies & M-A Earrings (Coming in April).

The connection between adrenaline and how the mind or body reacts is a curious relationship. Adrenaline flows from our nervous system when anticipation builds of something bad or thrilling is about to happen. These rushes can be perceived as good or bad, depending on who you are and how you deal with them.  

I am not a typical thrill-seeker, my adrenaline gets going not by free falling from 1,500m but by raising the stakes in my work. It is a stimulation, some would say a safer option, but I still feel like I am in the line of fire. You have to take risks when you design, and you have to put yourself out there for either: failure or success. This process can be quite stressful & nerve racking, but also thrilling. 

For me it's normal, because let's be honest; if you don't take risk, you can't succeed. So I am putting myself and my work out there again. I know I have been talking about a new collection, and a new website for a while; but trust me April is around the corner and it will finally happen. I am so excited, thrilled and NERVOUS to launch it, and show you guys. A new big project that I have been dreaming of for a while, a minimal jewellery line also is finally going to come out along side my new releases. I am wearing one of my new pairs of earrings, that will be available soon! 
How do you get your adrenaline?!

Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls


  1. Gorgeous pictures and I really love the earrings!!
    xx Nicola

  2. If those beauties on your ears are your design I definitely want to see more!

  3. Your earrings are gorgeous!! I love the way you styled these mules with the socks. The jeans are amazing too. I like the whole outfit!


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