WEARING: NK iMODE Morgan Silk PJs & Beth Richards Bikini.

Last month I took a week off and traveled to Mexico; I spent most of my time in Tulum and a bit in Playa Del Carmen as well. If you are looking for a holiday that is tropical and fun but chill vibes, I highly recommend you visit this area of Mexico. There were white sandy beaches, clear aqua ocean water, along with delicious food and drinks everywhere.

I enjoyed myself immensely, it felt very authentic with both Mexican and foreign tourists alike. Everything was convenient and at your reach, during the day I relaxed in my Beth Richards bikini by the pool, swam in the ocean and enjoyed the sun. During the evenings I mostly chilled, drank Margaritas, Champagne and tried to disconnect from the digital world.

I usually over pack when I go travelling but on this trip, I made an effort not to. Only taking pieces that were easy to style, versatile and light; including these silk pjs. They did double duty, first as sleepwear and also beachwear in the day; let’s face it, the trend of lingerie as outwear is only getting stronger. How well do you pack when you travel? Please share your comments below!

Photos taken with iPhone 6


  1. Love the white bikini! <3

  2. Amazing shots

  3. Beautiful images! Have fun!!


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