WEARING: Splendid Cashmere Sweater, Melissa Araujo Diana LS Top, Acne Studios Trousers, Cluse Watch, Dior Sunglasses and Vans Old Skool Sneakers

You can blame it on having been raised with two brothers, surrounded by skate and surfer friends; but I have always had a pre-disposition to feel my best while wearing androgynous pieces and sneakers. This was very much to my mother’s disappointment, who despite her best efforts (think pink and flower pattern everything) was not able to influence me to change.
I was one of the few girls to have boys as homies and to be part of their "boys club" at an early age. I was also the girl who loved sports, competition and some adventure. That meant you needed to be able to move around comfortably and not to be afraid to get a little dirty; sometimes I wonder how I got a career in fashion. Now and then I will put on a dress and heels, regardless of what you normally wear, there is always a time to play dress up. 
Photo by Signe Nickel


  1. Same here! My parents were getting mad at me when five boys would come around my house and ask about me. Being comfortable is always the first thing I think about when getting dressed. Your today's outfit is something perfect for the days when you need to run errands and walk a lot.

  2. Love your style! Beautiful outfit as always!

  3. I love this! and the fact that you are a tomboy makes me like you even more! plz come to LA again so we can hang!

  4. You totally rock the sweater as a scarf look! xx


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