WEARING: Top Shop Coat, Zara Sweater, H&M Leather Pants, Adidas Sneakers, Rachel Ruddick Bag, THP Shop & Wylden Rings.

This shoot was actually taken earlier this year but I did not share the close up portraits that Carmin Edwards took of me. I thought they were beautiful but didn't feel comfortable posting photos that seem so up close and personal of me. I opened the file again and noticed that I still love the shots now, as much as I did back in March when we took them. I decided to post them and to share a few personal things that you may or may not know about me.

Dance is something I love. I did Ballet for 14 years, it seems so long ago but it impacted my life and senses for the arts at a very young age.
I have never dyed my hair.
I wish I had worn braces to straighten my teeth.
I am an ocean child, so I must get my vitamin Sea as much, and as often as I can.
I used to be obsessed with tanning my skin. Now I still love to be under the sun but only if protected by many layers of sunscreen & a hat. I have finally accepted that I am never going to be one of those golden brown skinned girls.
I love to read, especially classics and poetry - nothing beats the power of imagination.
Travelling is my weakness, I am always working hard to save enough to be able to visit somewhere new or go back to one of my favourite places.
I speak with my hands and yes I am one of those touchy, feely people.
I want to live in France one day and be able to absorb as much of their culture and language as I can.
I eat popcorn as supper way too often, because why not.

Share in the comments something I wouldn't know about you or if you have any other questions for me, I will be glad to answer!

Photos by Carmin Edwards


  1. We have some things in common, except a)that my teeth have always been one of my strong features and all dentists love me because of them being so straight and good b) I am brown hahaha

    I'm also an ocean child, I also love to read and besides music and art, it's the only thing that can make me relax and let go (and I ONLY read classics! Dostoyevsky is my absolute favorite), I always was the touchiest type too though not sure if I am anymore (but I know one of my best friends couldn't deal with my very physical affectionate ways. I always hugged and pat everyone!), I love travelling, love France though I'd probably would love to live in the South, and... I LOOOOVE popcorn! In fact, I wrote it was one of my favorite things on my yearbook besides strawberries and chocolate lol. And I used to be a hair coloring virgin all my life until I dyed it last year. Everyone couldn't believe that my raven black hair is natural, but with age, softer and warmer tones are simply more youthful and flattering. :)

    So we have truckloads in common and it's not so strange, actually. I really love your sense of aesthetics and fashion so why not. :)

  2. Interesting post, I didn't know these things about you!
    You shouldn't hide your photos, you always look gorgeous (:


  3. It's nice of you to share some personal things about yourself. I feel like I know you much better now ;) I'm also glad that you didn't keep those photos for yourself. They are beautiful.

  4. These photos are beautiful, I'm so glad you shared them. And I loved getting to know you a little more. I'd never have guessed ballet but since you mention it I can see it in you. I'm also an ocean baby and an Aquarian so the need for water is strong. Also one of the reasons why I'm having a difficult time finding a place to live. I need to be bayside and that comes at a cost, even worse right now that the housing market is INSANE. BTW I had braces to correct my top teeth at age 12 and at age 17 my jaw shifted leaving my bottom teeth overlapping. It's not a huge deal but it's effing annoying considering I never had issues with them. Also by age 24 my top teeth started to overlap again. Not a big deal and you can't exactly notice it (you probably will now that I've mentioned it) but still so damn frustrating considering how traumatic it was to get them at such a young age! Braces are not always a good idea, in my opinion/experience anyway.


  5. every time i see you in those adidas i tell myself to go buy a pair! you style them so well!

  6. Great look
    Love this white knit, goes perfect with this coat

    Kiss kiss.*Jo


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