WEARING: Melissa Araujo Turtleneck Dress (PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE NOW), Year One Collective Leather Jacket, Adilletes, American Apparel Socks, Breda Watch and Galisfly Rings.

We are adding to our minimalist inspired Basic line and here is a sneak peak our newest item: The Tamara Turtleneck Dress (it will come in a top version as well)! All of the new pieces will be in our shop by next week. If you are still searching for a versatile, well- made turtleneck, look no further! The dress is made of Bamboo Jersey, this material will leave you feeling luxurious.

I consider a cool turtleneck an elevated alternative to your usual crew neck top or dress. Some might say that a turtleneck + date night are contradicting ideas, not in my book; you can make a turtleneck look cool or sexy. It  just depends on how you carry yourself and how you style your outfit. Here an all black outfit is a very subtle way to wear a turtleneck. Why not break the rules a little, show some skin and finish the look with sandals and socks. You could have as easily paired this outfit with ankle boots or add an extra layer with leather pants, any of these options would have worked nicely.

How do you feel about turtlenecks? Ours is ready for pre-orders and will go live on our shop by next week! Just in time for the holiday season.

Photography by Jeffrey Nicholls


  1. super cool! adore this coat


  2. Beautiful photography, your dress and jacket are amazing, loved the combination!

  3. I love turtleneck's. Dresses, tops, anything will do. I'm crazy about this jacket too! It's on my wishlist. The dress and jacket is a great combo that I would wear in an instant.

  4. Wow, your dress is amazing!

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  6. love your jacket



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