Photography by Thompson Chan 

Excited to share these photos of my work space with you, I believe every creative needs a space that feels like an extension of their mind where they are comfortable to spend endless hours. I have been lucky that my studio is in my house, there is plenty of space and it just feels right. It has such beautiful natural light, and the bright white walls makes it the perfect place to work and create. Most of the time the studio is clutter free and organized, but of course when it's time to cut fabric or develop new patterns the space gets pretty messy - it is part of the process. For interior decoration I keep it very minimal, I have a few of my personal favourite drawings and prints displayed, a marble top table (that unfortunately you don't get to see here), candles and music is always playing. What does your work space look like?


  1. It's interesting see an artist's space and how he/she works! (:
    Great photos!

  2. So inspiring place girl!!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  3. Great post dear! You have a wonderful post:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?..

  4. Your workspace looks wonderful. Maybe one day I can share mine ;)

  5. These details and interiors are absolutely stunning! Bright light and working process are so interesting, your photography is beautiful!

  6. I love your studio and am completely envious. I don't have a space right now as I'm between places and I really miss just having a spot to myself. That and an abundance of natural lighting.


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