WEARING: Alexander Wang Top, JBrand Jeans, Fendi Bag, THP Cuffs, American Apparel Bra & Nasty Gal Heels.

As much as I love my tees and comfy bamboo jersey, I also like to wear things that are sheer and show a bit of what it is underneath. I have had this Alexander Wang top for a while, I still love it as much as the first day I got it. I have seen a lot of bras being used as a statement pieces in during shows in the last Fashion Week around the globe; used under or over tops and dresses. Bralettes with no wire or padding are still my go-to. If you come here often, you will know that I am more of a sneaker girl, but sometimes (even if very rarely) I put on a pair of heels. I do have to say that as I struggle with my walk something inside of me grows, and it is my attitude. I can see why some girls love wearing heels all the time.

Photos by Benjamin Kwan


  1. great look! love your bag

  2. That top is so great! timeless indeed.

  3. Love how you styled this look! xx

  4. I like your style!

  5. Love your photography, beautiful top and light!

  6. What a charming black and white outfit!

  7. I agree, the top is my favourite too! I have heard a lot about the Bamboo fabric, and I would love to try this organic material one day!

  8. Heels really do bring out inner alter egos. I feel the same way. I've been embracing flats more and more since I effed up my knee and hurt my ankle at the start of the year. My left side just ain't that strong these days and adding heels to the mix is not a good idea. Which is a shame, because I love wearing them.


  9. OMG, the bag!!!! Love all about this look!

  10. Gorgeous sweater. I love the double cuffs too.
    x x

  11. LOVE this sweater girl

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  12. This cuffs are amazing!

    ~ Glamouristalia xx

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