WEARING: Melissa Araujo Basic Top (Coming Soon), Cmeo Skirt, Malibu Cali Sandals, Dior Sunnies & Galisfly Jewellery (New Collection).

I am proud to say my label continues evolving towards greener practices and products. My focus isn't strictly organic materials, I have an approach that takes into account the entire cycle of a piece of clothing, from its carbon footprint to the place where it is made. Eco friendly materials are the building blocks of a good garment, but it is also important to create positive designs in every part of the process. For me this means emphasizing in timeless design, utilizing small-scale and local production.

Why choose bamboo? Bamboo fabric is to cotton what cashmere is to wool as well as other extra qualities. I choose to work mostly with Bamboo because it is an incredibly soft, luxuriously comfortable and smooth fabric. It is a highly sustainable plant, it is good for our environment because it does not require pesticides or fertilizers. Further bamboo is 100% biodegradable. Also it has extra qualities that can't go unnoticed but a lot of people are unaware.

It is breathable and it has thermo control, it feels great to wear in every season. Keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. It absorbs moisture away from your skin keeping you dry and comfortable when you are active or when the weather gets hot and humid. For sensitive and allergy prone skin bamboo is perfect because of the smooth and round structures of its fibres. Also it naturally protects your skin from UV rays.

For all these reasons bamboo fabric is an excellent choice as a raw material, and I will continue to use  it in my collections while experimenting with other fabrics. Our clothes shouldn't be disposable, more people need to be conscious and try to shop with longevity and slow fashion in mind.

Photography by Mackenzie Walker


  1. I just have to say you are one cool lady.
    Interesting about bamboo! And I completely agree, clothing shouldn't be disposable.

  2. Great post, I agree with you!

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  3. amazing photos! love your sunglasses

  4. I've heard of bamboo as a fabric but never felt it in person. I've heard good things about it though and it's awesome that you're using it! Love, love your outfit and your photos!

  5. Love the fact that you've changed the scenery of your photos.

  6. Oh, lovely, dear!!! Nice white and black pics!


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