WEARING: Kit And Ace V Tank (Fall New Collection), JBrand Jeans, JNBY Leather Jacket, Galisfly Jewellery.

Kit and Ace is a brand I can get behind, their motto is: "Luxury is in the details" and like my brand they concentrate on the perfect basics for everyday life. The cool thing is that their team developed what they call "Technical Cashmere", which translates to cashmere that you can wear, wash and throw in the drier: no hassle and no dry cleaning needed. Amazing or what? I was flattered when they contacted me for an interview and feature on their site. I had such fun shooting what a day in my life looks like, and to meet some amazing team members from Kit and Ace. Here is the beginning of my day, I always start by having a good chamomile tea, checking and responding to my emails. For the full interview check us out here.

Photos by Thompson Chan


  1. wow! so beautiful photos

  2. You look great in this outfit
    Loving to know this brand too

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  3. Glad to know of this label. 'Technical cashmere', I'm intrigued!
    Awesome photos, looking gorgeous, Melissa!

  4. How cool is this! And man does your morning look fabulous. Wish I could say mine was as structured hahaha!



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