WEARING: DIY Skirt, Nike Free 5.0 Trainers, Ray Ban Sunnies, Gap Bucket Bag and THP Shop Rings.

I am back wearing my usual duo - black and white. It is pretty clear I am a sucker for basics and minimal clothes, I also like my hair and accessories to be understated. I had meetings to attend in different parts of the city and to be practical I added some sporty vibes with my Nike Free 5.0 trainers. I always feel my best in sneakers.

I could have easily paired this boxy high neck top with skinny jeans but I wanted to try my latest DIY. I bought this pencil skirt one size up and then cut asymmetrical lines on the sides to make it a little more interesting than the usual classic cut. I have to say I love the result; it is still sophisticated but with an edge, as the top was boxy and conservative I thought the slits of the skirt balanced the look.

Photo by Mackenzie Walker


  1. i love your skirt and so great your stylish.
    See you on my blog
    check my new post

  2. Perfect outfit, that top is amazing!

  3. I like the cuts on the sides of the skirt, it makes the look less conservative, considering the high-necked top.
    Great look!

  4. omg Melissa. you never cease to INSPRISE me (inspire + surprise lol ) .. amazing photography too.. the skirt says it all.. beautiful!

  5. the pictures are amazing and your looks too; the are very refreshing
    you're simply the best xx

  6. amazing photos


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