WEARING: Melissa Araujo Carrie Top, JNBY Blazer, Pants, Malibu Alfie Bag (as a clutch) & Adidas Slide, Ceramic By Ava Ring.

I think for any great wardrobe you need to have a simple, clean and minimal foundation, aka basics. Basics are such an important part of my closet, without a good base of staples it is hard to get any outfit to work properly. Sometimes it is good to clean up your closet, see what still works, what needs replacing and always to go back to your staples; as they can be used almost all the time (from work-appropriate to weekend fun). If you need any new basics, make sure to check out our latest collection which will help you mix and match with our existing pieces. Check us out here!

Pinstripes are some of my favourite new additions to my wardrobe this year, they are usually attached to men's wear, but for the past seasons they have made an impact on women's wear. I am always thinking of how to get the most mileage from my pieces; so I always like to buy things I can wear it day and night, studio/office to fun. In this case I used our Melissa Araujo Carrie top as a foundation, added the JNBY tailored blazer, adding the pinstripe pants and finishing with the Adilette slide to give an edge. But if you want to keep it classic all you need to do is change the shoes.

Photography by Mackenzie Walker


  1. I definitely need to clean up my closet. It's stuffed with things I don't wear anymore. I just haven't had time to do it. I lack in basics, such as black white and grey good quality t-shirts, so that's on top of my shopping list. But first responsibilities...
    I'm a huge fan of pinstripes. I've just purchased a pair of pants and short sleeve blazer in a sh, but they need some adjustments... but first responsibilities haha ;)
    I love how you matched those slides with quite elegant pants. They do give an edge to the outfit, which is just fabulous!

  2. Perfect look dear, very chic.
    See you soon

  3. I suck at buying basics! When I go shopping I always end up buying tons of crazy crap and leave the basics for another day....This happens every time! The result is I am in awe whenever someone is sporting their basic outfit like you are here! I love it ^_^

  4. You have an amazing style!! Love it so much!! The pants and the sandals are stunning!

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    Anyway your blog and style is amazing, I'm looking to purchase pinstripe trousers and you make
    them look so crisp and fresh, keep up the good work!

  6. wow!! this is amazing

  7. Basics are a complete essential in my wardrobe. You're so right, they are the foundation of any ensemble really. I sometimes think I spend way too much money on basics but then it's posts like these that remind me how much of a wise investment they really are.


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