WEARING: Max Mara Coat, Adidas Trefoil Tee, Alexis Jeans, Alexander Wang Lia Bag and Polysemy Jewellery.

Feminine vs masculine? I admire people that can really play in both worlds, mixing the two together in perfect balance. 90% of the time I will wear something androgynous: oversized coats, pants, basic tops, and sneakers (or flat ankle boots like these Acne's). To keep it slightly feminine I wear mostly skinny pants, some jewellery and finish the look with a bag. I have never done the sweet, endearing look, that it is predominate in my city. I normally dress in laid back clothes, and if I am dressing up for a special occasion I may wear a dress, or a skirt and even heels; but the look will continue to have many masculine undertones.What about you: Femme, homme or androgynous?
PS. This past Friday was my anniversary with my boy, we had an amazing time and to top it all he surprised me with this dope Alexander Wang Lia Bag.

Photography by Carmin Edwards.


  1. Absolutely loving this sporty look!

  2. wow! this is perfect


  3. Love the coat and the bag! <3


  4. Ooh your boyfriend is spoiling you :D you lucky girl. But I'm not complaining either. I got a lovely bag for Christmas from my boyfriend. It's not as exclusive as yours, but it's big (I can fit all of my necessities) and I love it!

    When it comes to androgynous outfits, it's totally my cup of tea. I am not a kind of girly girl. I love oversize, man's trousers and t-shirts, caps and so on. However, I have to admit that recently more feminine shoes attract my attention. I came to conclusion that when I wear so many masculine pieces, feminine shoes would give a nice balance to the outfit. And as a first step towards that, I bought booties on a thin heel. When I get used to walking in them (after spending years wearing only chunky boots) I will definitely post them on the blog.

    For the end of my quite long comment I have to add that, as usual, I adore your outfit. Simple and clean. Your photos are also fabulous, very bright and fresh :)

  5. Your boy did good, that bag is gorgeous! I love masculine outfits with a bit of femininity, like you I usually stick to skinny denim and a little jewellery x

    Josie’s Journal

  6. Aaaw, happy anniversary! What a fabulous gift, your man knows what to do!!! :D
    I like to dress more masculine, but sometimes have the need to be as girly as a flower petal, maybe it's the hormones...
    I adore your androgynous outfit and style, they're one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much :)

  7. when i first saw your blog in 2012 , i was mesemrized .. youre like a new gem among the common bloggers who look the same. up until today, that vibe is still strong.. love this outfit.. the logomania is incredibly paired with the long coat. have fun with your beau

  8. Perfect look , so gorgeous stylish.

    See you soon

  9. Feminine!
    i loved your tee! Perfect look <3

  10. I love this!! so clean yet so sporty :) thanks for following me on insta!

  11. I love that stylre, specialy the coat and the adidas sweater! perfect! let's follow each other on G+ and GFC? :)


  12. this is definitely the best of both worlds! amazing :)

  13. those boots were on my list too, the boots that are slowly getting away...
    congrats on the new wang! your man spoils ya!! I assume he got his usual, gift, stately kiss on the cheek :) hehe

  14. Nicely written, Melissa. You seem so at ease in your style, always chic with a masculine touch. Androgynous suits me. That sweet, endearing style I think you're referring to makes me (and most women - regardless of age) appear childlike and twee.

    You wanted to know what I think of the Rick Owens Sphinx show: I thought it was very well done. Of all the contemporary runway designers, it had to be Rick who was first to feature male nudity on the runway - forever the rebellious non-conformist that he is. Bravo to him. As for the clothes, I thought they were beautiful.

  15. Marvelous white coat and I want your wonderful bag ! <3


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