Good Old Eiffel Tower. I never go up because I am afraid of heights.

A stroll on the French Canal, this one is by the Napolean Bridge.
Latin Quarter view from the Panthéon:
The Panthéon:
Wearing: H&M Cropped Leather and Wool Jacket, American Apparel Jumper and Leggings, About Arianne Shoes

After London I went back to Barcelona where I spent a good week, just sleeping and recovering from my travels to Asia and the UK. Once my "beauty" sleep was back on track I started getting the travelling itch again. I figure I am in Europe I can't go back home without a stop in my favourite city: PARIS!

I went for a week (and what a lovely week it was); my first night was spent with my cousin, who is a theater actor in Paris and her ultra cool boyfriend. We drank wine, listen to Brasilian and French Music and just hang out. The next day I went to look around and fall in love with Paris all over again. This is the type of city you can visit many times over in your life time and it never gets old (at least not for me). 

My first purchase in Paris was this crop jacket by H&M, the sleeves are made of leather (not pleather) and the body is blended wool. When I left the house it was sunny but half way through the day, it started raining and it got real cold. As per usual I did not dress appropriately for the weather.  I went for a walk to the Jardin de Luxembourg (one of my favourite gardens in the heart of Paris) where I met 2 British boys who were kind enough to take these photos of me.  We shared a bottle of wine and some stories about our travels.  I love meeting random, cool people as I travel, almost as much I despise the cray cray that are also out there.  

I revisited the Eiffel Tower and one of my favourite places in the Latin Quarter: the Panthéon (used to be a catholic church now it is a mix between a Museum and a necrofile).  The inscription above the entrance reads "For great men the grateful Nation". Among those buried in there are Voltaire, Rousseau, Honoré Mirabeau, Victor HugoRené Descartes and  Marie Curie (the only woman to be honored). Paris rules.


  1. You look gorgeous as usual! Funny about the Eiffel Tower... I am terrified of heights too but when I was in Paris my friends made me go up. The view was GORGEOUS but I was terrified.... You could feel the structure shaking and I was so certain I was going to die hahaha

  2. Such awesome pics! Loving the denim shirt and those shoes - too cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Amazing outfit and photos! I love it :)

  4. Wowww, i'm jealous, i want to travel that much!
    I'm going to London next week, i'm so excited. I go to london every year, is one of my favourites cities!
    You look fantastic melissa! Great photos


  5. nice look and amazing photos!

    Check out my new outfit post!
    Dress Up For Armageddon

  6. It's Terminal D boutique in Covent Garden.

  7. loving the jacket.. great find! x

  8. The last time I went to Paris I was 12 or 13, I really want to go there now because I think I would appreciate it much more.
    Great photos and I really liked your outfit there :)


  9. Wow amazing sights, I'd love to visit.

  10. I need that jacket in my life!!!

  11. Beautiful pics, I love the last ones!! U look great, excellent jacket!;)


  12. Great pictures!
    love your outfit :)


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