London Calling

If you are in London, you have to go visit the London Eye, Big Ben and Westminister Palace.  They are all prominent symbols of both London and England, often in the background of films set in the city.  I have always been attracted to the English accent in movies, who is not in love with Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice (and I don't mean the recent version, I mean the old school Colin Firth in the 90's, Mr. Darcy).

While my girlfriends were working I spent my days going to see beautiful buildings, checking out neighbouhoods, eating (more like over eating) and shopping.  I took some great shots of the city and my spirits were high because of the sunshine.  Raekha showed me this cool cafe/designer furniture place, called Pitfield London by her house. I couldn't resist, I stopped by to have a cup of tea and a delicious chocolate brownie that tasted like heaven (everything looked amazing).  I recommend if you are around the Shoreditch neighbourhood to stop by.  Say hi to the assistant manager for me, she is one cool chick.

Also I wanted to say thanks to Neicia for taking me out to watch a last minute music show and to see art galleries around Bricklane and Gisele my cousin for cooking and taking care of me. Love you ladies <3


  1. Love your pictures!

  2. Amazing photos!

  3. my ex hometown!!!! nostalgia!!!
    hope your doing well...we miss you here in Van city :0


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