Musée du Louvre
 Place du Carrousel

Notre Dame de Paris
Place de la Concorde
I am no longer in France, these are some of my favourite snaps . This second trip to Paris only added to my feelings of love for this city.  It was in this atmosphere of widespread culture, history and fashion that I spent my days moving around trying to absorb and experience as much as possible. There was a distinct feeling while I was there that anything is possible. People usually say "There is no place like home"; that may be true, but I doubt they have ever been to Paris, because "There is no place like Paris!" On a side note so happy to have reached 100 followers! One hundred down, one thousand to go.


  1. is this the film camera you were talking about??
    they look super clear, and i hope you got some sun in paris it looks so gloomy and moody. also i didnt comment on your last post but you look STUNNNNNNNING!!!!!! <3

    1. No this is just from my digital. The film camera I only post on fb, not many turned out ;( It was gloomy in Paris for 3 days and 3 ok days. But even the rainy days are amazing!! xx

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    I like your pictures a lot!



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