Money Changer

Manila is a city full of contradictions.  Many of the locals were completely chill and laid back, while others were all about the business game.  Small motorized tricycles mingled with big cars filling the lanes and there were tons of banks and the almost ghetto like mini banking system all over town.

I loved this tiny street by our hotel, it was filled by money changer stores and locals selling coconut water, trying to hustle any way possible.  It was quite the event taking these photos, kids and adults alike stopped whatever they were doing to watch, and cheer me on...  I feel awkward when people watch me do things; I danced for many years but never invited anyone to my recitals, as I wouldn't be able to perform in front of them.  I tried to see the funny side of things to be able to take these photos, I figured it would give them something to talk about for the day.

Later in the day I treated myself to some alcoholic beverages and we had a fantastic 3 course meal. Did I mention the amazing real freshly squeezed and blended pineapple juice with rum?  Oh yeah that had me at mine.

WEARING: Alexander Wang Top, JNBY Blazer, Melissa Araujo Mesh Leggings( New Collection) Ray Bans, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes and Club Monaco Chain Necklace.
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls


  1. yummmmmmmay! i totally wanna go to the philippines now!!!

  2. omg melissa this outfit is HOT!!! so goth! the leggings are to die for!

    you should have painted your lips black!! LOL

    love you!!!

  3. Love your outfit!


  4. Beautiful outfit, and amazing photos! <3



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