Goodbye Asia, hello UK!  I mean goodbye sun, hello cold!  Leaving the Phillipines was not an easy thing to do, such a beautiful country and the weather was just perfect; but I was persuaded by the fact I would get to see a few cool girlfriends who offered me wine, berries and love in return.  I had some problems getting in to the country, the customs personnel did not believe that I was who I claimed to be, I almost pulled the "What you don't read my blog"?   But then I remembered I am not Fashion Toast nor Bryan Boy.

Once inside the country I had a great time.  I got to visit a lot of cool neighbourhoods, my favourite was Bricklane, where I took photos of the amazing street art around. Another great thing about this area was the amount of choices for vintage shops and boutiques. UNIQUE is the word to describe this place and the people who hang out there.  In London it is important to look the part, to express oneself through art, music and of course fashion. You can feel it as you walk down the streets and catch the tube, most people have spot on style, I was in awe.  Thanks Raekha for hosting, showing me around and taking these lovely photos at the Hoxton Station on such a cold day. Check her out here. Also Neicia for being a great co-hostess.

WEARING: JNBY Blazer, H&M Jumper,  Forum (Brasil) Skinny Jeans, Hasbeens Clogs, Leather Bag. Mink Fur Hat courtesy of Raekha.


  1. love that total black outfit.great bag too.ur photos are so great.


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