Another dream down a million to go. This one in particular is pretty close to my heart. It was my first time in Africa, visiting Morocco to celebrate my friend Raekha's bday. The highlight of my trip while in Marrakesh was our visit to the Jardin de Majorelle. For my fashion savvy people this is the it place to stop if you are ever in Morocco. For those who don't know, this was the home of my favourite designer: Yves Saint Laurent, and where his remains are buried. Why is he my favourite designer? Because he dared to feminise the basic shapes of the male wardrobe, YSL set new standards for the world of fashion. He not only adapted the male tuxedo for women, but also empowered women to feel like they could be head to head with men at work and outside.  He was also the first designer to use ethnic minorities as models on the runway. That my friend had me sold. He was so sensitive to art, the ballet and creativity. I have always looked up to him and it was such a pleasure being at his home, seeing where he went to be reclusive and find inspiration. His garden had plants and flowers from all continents, the architecture was edgy and colours were vibrant. We finished our visit by having the ever so famous Moroccan mint tea (no sugar) and chocolate banana pancakes. Thanks Raekha for taking these lovely pictures of me and for listening to my facts on YSL's life and history. I am so grateful to be able to dream, to design and to appreciate beauty.
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  1. AMAZING. it must felt so surreal and inspiring at the same time huh?! I'm jealous that you are STILL overseas, I'd kill to be in Morocco right now!

  2. So beautiful. You seem to be having the time of your life!

  3. Nice photos! I bet you're having the best time :)
    Great outfit, simple but so cute.


  4. Gorgeous outfit. beautiful story as well. you have made me love YSL for more than just his insanely comfortable shoes.
    Raekha is so sweet to be your paparazzo on the trip. i am so glad you captured it's beauty for us. I sent a package for you it should be there around the 21st!

  5. So beautiful.. and I really love your outfit.. It's very "artist on retreat".. :)

  6. simply amazing.... I love it..
    Thanks for leaving me a comment...
    I am your newest follower.., hope you do too..



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