Sable et la Mer.

Humm where to start, everytime I am going to post something new my heart gets a rush; a rush from wanting to share all the wonderful things I have been seeing, and living. But I also get this weird feeling from thinking if anyone even read or care I am posting/blogging. A way to express one's self is always a welcoming process, it puts into perspective what you have today or lacked a few months ago and with that thought in mind I do another post.
Right now I have an immense freedom that I have not had a chance to experiment for a while. My mind and personal time can be more in tune, and it is not to say I am just hanging out over here in Europe. That is not the case, I have a job, I am learning about Spanish Art, also working on my latest project, and sightseeing. I was having a Brooke Shields day in the middle of dunes and ocean:
WEARING: Gap Men Shirt, American Apparel High Waist Shorts and Vintage Sunglasses
Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls


  1. it looks amazing where you are, great blog :D

  2. Your photographer - so talented. Much love to you both. Melissa, keep an eye on facebook for a question about our wedding clothes. Peace,

    chin up sport haha i'll try and keep my blogging chin up too! this is so beautiful...


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