Basilique Sainte Sophie

This day consisted of exploring Istanbul most famous Mosque, the St. Sophia Basilic. It was built in 360 AD ,two fires destroyed the building but twice it was rebuilt. The Emperor at the time employed someone who was not only a skilled mathematician, but also someone who also was artistic. St Sophia exults in an indescribable beauty, amazing art all over the walls and a sense of extraordinary is in the air. I was in awe the whole time. Beautiful Catholic paintings mixed with different Muslim writings. World collides and yet it is so peaceful and mighty in there. One of the best buildings I have ever seen so far. Yes I am a geek, History was my favourite subject in high school, I love it.
Wearing: Club Monaco Top, American Apparel High Waist shorts, Longchamp Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses


  1. Beautiful pictures, I like your blog

  2. amazing place. nice post! istanbul's on the list... check out 'crossing the bridge' documentary for a look at istanbul's music scene.


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