Turkish Delight

All right, I don't even know where to begin. I have left my job and life as I know it behind, in the pursuit of my dreams, some new inspirations and culture. And Lord, am I EVER Happy I did it! It is funny because I know a lot of people who say they want this and that out of their lives, but they never seem to leave their comfort zone to pursue, or even have a little taste of what they think they deserve in life. Well being the Leo that I am, I don't wait for things to happen. I packed my things and headed off to a whole new continent and started my new adventure/life in Turkey. Turkey is something else. I have never been in a country where people are so different and yet so close to my background. It was a cultural shock but yet I was so delighted to see so many different things and places. I started my trip in a place called PATARA. A get away from busy Istanbul, a chilled Mediterrean coast line, surrounded by dunes, hills and warm sea water. All I did for 7 days was sunbathe, drink mojitos and catch up with the boyfriend whom I had not seen for almost 4 months. Call me a gypsy but I somehow can make anywhere my home very quickly, especially if the place is +37 with a hot sun, sweet drinks and good food. Welcome to Part 1 - Turkish Delight  (I am sorry I have no outfit posting, because I was literally 24/7 in a bikini).
Our lovely hotel, which by the way made the BEST Mojitos I have ever tasted!

It was my first time in the Mediterrean Sea, my soul was cleansed; for those of you who don't believe it to be true, a swim  in the ocean can cure many things! I did spend my days at the beach to only get back in the late afternoon to the hotel, sit by the pool to drink more Mojitos, snack on fresh watermelon and a Turkish appy called "Cheese Rolls". Being exposed to so many new dishes that included so much cheese (my weakness  did not help in keeping me in shape; actually since the beginning of this trip I have forgotten what it is to be healthy, all I do is eat + drink and repeat! Cheers!!!

WEARING: All American Apparel and Vintage Sunglasses.


  1. my love!!! i'm so happy that you are happy, swimming int he med sea and smiling and getting your tan on!!!!!!!!! much love

  2. Oh it looks lovely and makes me miss home! xx

  3. so so so so nice!! luv yr watermelon and mojito lunch <3
    can't wait to see barca's pics as well. i know you will find the best places!

  4. Oh my goodness this photos are lovely!! I am so glad you are having such a lovely time! I think that it is healthy to indulge every now and then and treat ourselves really lavishly... good for our souls and minds! So don't feel guilty! You're in Europe living your dream! Live it up girl!

    Can't wait to hear more...



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