PATARA- Turkey

Patara, the resort town that I was staying in, is a flourishing maritime city on the south-west coast of Lycia on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. One of my afternoon strolls after the beach was to go check out some of the ruins and it consisted of a theatre excavated by a small hill, a ruined temple on the side of the same hill, and a deep circular pit, which locals believe may have been the seat of an oracle and Apollo's place. It was such an experience, totally open to the public along with archaeologists working on site and construction workers trying to rebuild some of the temples.
The boyfriend and I were able to walk around the ruins and up we went in the beautiful circular anti theatre that had the view of the whole town. It was so invigorating to be around such pieces of history and architecture; it was a hot day and we walked a lot but it was worth it. Afterward, I spent the evening daydreaming of the old times and rest assure drinks were involved ;)  I love Europe + travel


  1. I love your photos. This is a dream!!! the one of you sitting in the sun is so chic with the ruins!
    you make me want to go travelling!

  2. I second that! After looking at these photos, I am dying to go traveling again! love!


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