Wearing: Melissa Araujo
Model, Hair & Make Up, Styling and Creative Director: Melissa Araujo
Photography: TrichesTadilello
Well everyone it is finally here. My Cosmopolitan Silk Collection. I am so proud of this collection, because it was one of the hardest thing I've done. If you ever have to cut or sew silk you will understand what I am talking about if you have not, let me tell you it is sooooo much work and requires a lot patience, plus it ain't cheap to buy the fabric. I used three types of silk: Raw, Chiffon and Charmeuse, which are the finest natural fabrics out there(and it is pretty on the eye and feels oh so soft with an amazing drape). I want to thank my boyfriend for all his patience, support and love while making it, also I have to mention Nargas, Vivi, Daniel, Shafy and the TrichesTadiello team for all their support. It is all in the details <3


  1. darling you look stunning in these looks!!!+1

  2. Absolutely stunning, Melissa!! You and the garments! :) Congratulations on such a beautiful collection!

    xx S

  3. wow, i am loving the cuts you have here, and they don't look easy given you're working with silk!

    your hair is its own creature in these photos, like it has a siren call. ethereal.

    looks incredible!

  4. wow its so cute!! I love the third piece the most! I am now following your blog, you are a great designer, silk is such a challenge! Follow me back if you like :)

  5. Perfect, perfect, perfect! You look amazingly stylish!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.
    btw. would you like to follow each other?

  6. Lovely designs! I think the first one is still my favorite!


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