Lykke Li!

First of all I think I must confess that I like love everything Swedish! I was very lucky to score 2 tickets to go and see one of my favorite artists, her name is Lykke Li.  I already had a female crush on her, now after seeing her live, I am just full on in love with her. I had the pleasure of going with one of my besties, Vivi who came all the way from Sweden to visit me(what a way to start a reunion!!) The concert was nothing short of amazing; the opening act was a local artist called Grimes, who is very talented and warmed us up. Then she appeared, in yes, an all black bodysuit: Lykke Li. Her whole concert was a mix between sadness and euphoria. We were lucky to meet another local artist and photographer named Maurice, my camera was acting up again and he was nice enough to give me his business card so I could get his photos(which are fantastic by the way!)
Oh life is good, let's all dance, dance, dance...



  2. Jealous you got to see her live!!! She is sooo amazing!



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