Coeur de Pirate

Life has been extremely busy. These past two weeks have been full of go go go. My boyfriend arrived and we went on a mini get away to a place called Comox, to visit some of his family members. The place we stayed at had both an ocean and mountain view. The three days we spent there, we feasted with his family, drank lots of wine and mostly chilled watching the rain. It is such a peaceful place. Since being back I have stepped right into a crazy week full of overnights, merchandising at work and trying to finish my collection. No rest for the wicked. I have finally been able to catch up on my sleep though and I feel somewhat sane again.
All of this just in time for a hop and a skip to the habour - to meet up with my TrichesTadiello gang on Granville Island. Thanks to Francis and Bruno for being the most outgoing, generous, giggly dates anyone could wish for. I must confess that I have a weakness when they are around me, all I do is laugh. The all-seeing eyes of  passing tourists and locals stared as we playfully staged a mini-shoot at the local harbour. I felt like I was on the Pirates of Caribbean block, I need more sunny and fun days like this.
Wearing: American Apparel Chiffon Jumper and Fishnets, Vintage Leather Mini Skirt, Forever 21 shoes and ring.


  1. Leather shorts!!! I love to death
    awww i'm glad you had work too hard ;)

  2. Mel!! beautiful shots!!! I love seing your pictures! -I tried to change the name from Ryan's to mine.. but I am yet to figure it out.. :/// anyhow! Love it!!!!!!!

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  4. hot model and great photographers!

    now can u bring back the sunny skies? ;)

  5. Love the photo shoot and the location of it! So great :) You always bring it to the next level!

  6. Pretty bebe! You look like a model!!!

    Loving that hair, shorts, blouse, shoes ... m.

    FOLLOWING, thx for stopping by :)

  7. OW! I really LOVE that pics!!! Amazing!!!
    Love the leather skirt and the pirate/navy style! Your pics are sooo great!!!
    Kisses from Brasil

  8. it is ridiculous how much I love this outfit

  9. I like your blog ! Follow me at
    Kisses, Romina.

  10. Melissa you look beautiful!
    Love the skirt and top ♥
    - Sydney

  11. Great look! I hope you can save enough money to go to London, Spain and France! That would be a great time and a lot of fun!


  12. awesome pics!

    amazing blog you have! maybe we can follow each other?! :)

  13. love that leather skirt!!
    ps. about to find your drawing of the beautiful margaux now too doll ;)


  14. Maybe I ought to wear something like this to watch the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie ;)


  15. Great outfit! The pictures look a lot like they were torn from the pages of a magazine! Great styling! :)


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