Dans le quartier

Here I was thinking Spring and Summer were around the corner, let me tell you I was wrong. The only good thing about this cold is that it makes wearing my fur a necessity. It is hard for me to enjoy the Winter, being from Brasil where the sand white beaches with green palm trees were my regular hang out. Everything changed since my move to North America, the weather, culture, food and even the most simple things like language. Over the years I have come to appreciate the differences between both countries BUT I still like it hot (real hot!). Life is an adventure, some people face and chase it, others wait. I like to think I am a self empowered person who always takes a chance on chance, who follows dreams and tries new things while keeping true to myself. I had the pleasure to meet someone else with the same attributes, thirst for life and knowledge. She took these photos of me in a cold day while we shared some tea and memories. Thank you and Happy birthday V.
Photos by Vanessa Hong
Wearing: Vintage Fur Jacket, American Apparel leggings, Sans Souci Cropped knitted sweater & Urban Outfitters t-shirt


  1. hi sexy lady. that day was so freakishly cold. i liked how we sat like two cats by the door waiting for people to come by. I have decided that my first home will have to have a clothes line. i love it!
    thank u for the bday wishes my brasilian princess!

  2. love the style i am awaiting my inherited fur coat so i can start rocking leather pants and huge jackets. but you know my pants will be fire engine red. great impromptu shoot

  3. You look stunning ! I love the whole outfit ;-)

  4. It was so great to meet you as well, it was so cool to finally meet a couple bloggers in person and you and Vanessa were so nice. Hope to chat again soon, Ill make sure to keep up with your blog.

  5. Wow the outfit was great you looked so stylish at the garage sale. It is really refreshing to see another person with such a passion for style on the military base I thought I was the only one

  6. wow you look gorgeous, that brown long hair looks smashing. i love this simple outfit. the black leggings make your legs endless. the fabulous fur coat makes it a little bit more rock and rolla. but i am so in love with the clogs, they are like perfect, so high..


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