March 30, 2015


WEARING: LUV AJ  Leather Jacket, Splendid Turtleneck, Club Monaco Skirt,  Fendi Spy Bag, Adidas Sneakers & Galisfly Jewellery.

Transeasonal outfits are more relevant nowadays, the reason I say this is because the weather now seems to be more unpredictable than ever. So many countries are experiencing out-of-season temperatures, you just have to be prepared for anything. Within the same day it can change from sunny to hiding under an umbrella. I took advantage of a day that the sun broke out after a week of showers to go to meet up with Mackenzie for a shoot and these are the results. Can't tell you how pleased I am to be sharing some new ideas, and collaborating with him.

What do you guys think of this killer LUV AJ Ponyhair Bomber jacket? I decided to pair it with a turtleneck in case the temperature cooled down, mini skirt because why not, sneakers to make the look casual and my Fendi Spy Bag. I have had this bag for a few years now and I realized that I have hardly used it, the reason was based on the belief that it was too "mature" for me at the time. When I took it out of storage this weekend, it seems to be the only bag I want to wear. Expect to see this babe around much more! Please don't forget to check out my designs here, in case you missed it last week I launched my newest campaign for the BASICS line, have a look!

Photos by Mackenzie

March 23, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo BASICS Tops, JBrand Jeans, American Apparel Leather Skirt, Alexander Wang Kori Boots and Polysemy Jewellery.

This week we are starting things with a Bang! Blog and the City has invited me to be a guest blogger for them for the upcoming weeks. Notice my layout is a little different now, I am so stoked to be part of BATC alongside these talented people. I am so EXCITED to share what I have been working on as a fashion designer and creative director. Our new campaign is ready!! Head here to see all of the photos from the BASICS collection. The concept behind the designs was: 7 tops for everyday life, that you can wear both day and night; keeping in mind comfort and sustainability.

I was inspired by the words of Ad Reinhardt, an artist of the Abstract Expressionist generation: "The more stuff in it, the busier the work of art, the worse it is. More is less. Less is more. The eye is a menace to clear sight."  These words helped me decide on how to shoot the campaign, and present the collection; I hope you love it as much as I do. The website and shop are now updated! Feel free to share these images on your social media and with friends. I would love to hear your feedback, let me know what you think and have a great week xx.

Photography by Carmin Edwards & Art Direction by Melissa Araujo.

March 16, 2015


WEARING: H&M Coat, Splendid Cashmere Sweater, J-Brand Jeans, Alexander Wang Kori Boots, Celine Trip Bag, THP Shop Rings.

The key to wearing a monochromatic outfit is to keep the look minimal and uncluttered. You don't need many accessories; a good leather bag, killer shoes and a well fitted coat is all that is required. If you don't want to do the same colour head to toe, no problem you can keep half of the look in the same solid colour. In my case, I went with camel for the coat and sweater - a great option to the usual black and white. Here I layered textures (wool from the coat and cashmere from the sweater) then added the black bottoms with my JBrand jeans, Celine bag and Wang shoes.

I have had a hard week, learning some though lessons, and am rolling with the punches. I keep on intending to be patient and to visualize the bigger picture, it's a struggle. I want to give a shout out to my amazing friends for their support some days it is just good to have that extra positivity around you. On real exciting news next Monday I will be sharing the pictures from the new BASICS line here - Stay Tuned!!

Photography by Carmin Edwards.

March 09, 2015


WEARING: Topshop Coat, Zara Knit, H&M Pants, Adidas Gazelle, Le Trop Bag Rachael Ruddick, THP Rings and Wylden Rings.

I have slowly added white and off-white to my wardrobe, from crop tops to denim; but I had not yet committed to a coat. I was afraid of all the possibilities, of what could happen to a white coat on my outings. I have finally done it and it is FRESH, I've worn it once already here. I will probably have to make a few extra trips to the dry cleaner than usual but why not? This was an aesthetic decision not a practical one, sometimes it's ok to choose beauty over practicality, or even better - find a balance between the two.

I am really excited to say that by next week or so I will be launching the new BASICS line on my website: Melissa Araujo! Think comfort and luxury (all made from bamboo jersey) for your everyday life. I really can't wait to share the photos with you all! I am proud of the work Carmin Edwards and I did together yet again. I always have these weird ideas and she is always up for the challenge, we definitely empower, support and test each others' abilities.

Photography by Carmin Edwards.

March 02, 2015


WEARING: Mango Coat, Zara Turtleneck, Harmony Paris Skirt, Calvin Klein Clutch, Alexander Wang Kori Boots, Ray-Ban Sunnies, THP SHOP Cuffs & Galisfly Rings.

You all know how much I love my black outfits. At times it can be hard to try something different, but if you can do it and stay within your aesthetic, why not? I have been wearing navy much more than I had anticipated. The weather this past Saturday was gorgeous, sunny and warmer than usual, I ventured out in my Harmony Paris skirt and showed some skin. It happened to work perfectly with my Mango pinstripe coat. I am sure if you have all seen the buzz around instagram and the "trend reports" about pinstripes, I love them for my own reasons. First of all it has a touch of masculinity that I love, secondly it is classic, and also structured with clean lines. At first I thought it would be a challenge to add it into my wardrobe - I was wrong. Now I find that it goes with almost everything. 

Photography by Carmin Edwards.