February 24, 2014


WEARING: Carin Wester Coat, American Apparel Pullover, Splendid Athletic Pants, Calvin Klein Bag & H&M Shoes.

Instead of talking about how busy I have been, I thought it would be nice if I just wrote down some random facts about myself that you may or may not know. Let's see, I love foreign films especially French (Godard), Italian (Fellini) and Spanish (Almodovar) ones. I am really motivated by music, my taste ranges from classical to hip hop and rap (new & old school) but you will never catch me listening to country. I love to read, but I usually don't read contemporary books, I always go for the classics. I love Summer, I normally don't sweat so the hotter the better; I truly dislike the winter. I love carbs (give me pasta, bread, rice), salads don't fill me up (I am the worse vegetarian). The kitchen is no place for me therefore itchy ban is my specialty.

I am not a morning person, I am a night creature, my best ideas and work come during late nights. I can't handle real alcohol or hard 
liquor, I am a red wine, bubbles, malibu and cranberry kinda girl. I love travelling and I am missing that in my life immensely. My favourite city in the world is Paris, then anywhere with lots of sunshine, and an ocean (what a contradiction). I have played a lot of sports, my favourites were Wrestling, Handball, and swimming. I hardly ever wear make up, in a normal week I probably wear blush once. I am not a coffee or chocolate person, I am all about tea and vanilla/caramel sweets. I speak with my hands and I have been told that I am loud, you would never guess it by the way I dress. I am very proud of my brother's accomplishments, our work ethic and dedication come from our mom. My boy and I are experts at long distance relationships due to how much we have travelled since we have been together. The list can go on.

Photos by Carmin Edwards.

February 17, 2014


WEARING: Club Monaco Top, H&M Leather Jacket,  7 For All Mankind Jeans, Calvin Klein Bag and Aldo Shoes.

So much has been going on, I swear that I have been working excessively hard. Between my job, designing a new collection, doing a marketing proposal and blogging I am left with no time to sleep (what is that again). I am not complaining, I am super stoked to be involved in everything that I am; I feel extremely lucky to have been invited to be part of these projects.

A lot of cool stuff is being done and created in the studio. The designing part is finished, I have the collection on paper, now I'm making those sketches into patterns. I feel completely ready for what 2014 is bringing (and will bring), I hope I can fulfill every aspiration or at least lay a solid foundation for my work and creativity's growth.

On a style note, I recently purchased my first pair of 7 for All Mankind Jeans; I can't believe that I have never owned any before. They fit me like a glove and are made in the USA (props to the company). I am already saving up for another pair because I can see these jeans becoming one of my staples. Black, white, leather and jeans; perfect way to to start the week.

Photos by Carmin Edwards.

February 10, 2014


Wearing: Topshop Crop Sweater, Club Monaco Trousers, Converse High Tops, Galisfly Rings & Thrifted Bracelet.

Simplicity to me is the key to everything. Sometimes it is all about the right attitude, and a good hair day. For this outfit I could have added other layers or accessories, but instead I kept it simple. It was a mild winter day, which we haven't seen too many of lately, so I took advantage of it. Crop tops come very naturally to me, it must be my Brazilian side. I particularly love these shots, it captured simplicity at its best. I am sure everyone is following NYFW, what a thrill it must be to attend the shows. Seeing all the great designs and creativity up close, along with the street style around the city must be quite the experience.

Photos by Carmin Edwards.

February 04, 2014


WEARING: H&M Conscious Collection Jacket & Pants, American Apparel Fishermen Sweater & Beanie, Calvin Klein Clutch, THP Shop Bound Cuffs and Club Monaco Pumps.

January started off slow with me being sick and all, but February is already looking up. I have been patiently waiting to share a bit about a collab that I am doing with Meryl, owner of Found East London. I can't tell you much yet as we are still developing concepts, and brainstorming ideas. All I am going to say is that it is a design frenzy up in here! Good people and unexpected opportunities make for a pretty perfect way to shake things up. Talking about shaking things up, I couldn't pass on this coat even though it's not black or grey, and it is the perfect fit.

Photos by Carmin Edwards