May 28, 2012


WEARING: American Apparel Jumper and Leather Clutch, Mango Skinny Jeans, Club Monaco Leather Belt, Casio Awatch and Dolce Vita Heels
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The weather here is very temperamental, one day is warm, the next it will be pouring rain. I guess that is what Spring is all about. Over the weekend it was sunny and I went out to meet up with some friends for brunch, this is what I wore. I usually wear black, greys and whites with some jeans now and then. The outfits are darker, not on the brighter/light side. This white trend has me hooked so I am trying to "lighten up".

May 22, 2012


 Oversized Tunic, 100% Organic Cotton. Two ways to wear it.
 Upside Down Dress, 100% Organic Cotton. Two ways to wear it.
 Assymetric Dress, 100% Organic Cotton. Three ways to wear it, only two shown here.
 V-Cut Back Dress, 100% Organic Cotton.
 Cinched Pocket Dress, 100% Organic Cotton(picture 1) & Slim Vest (picture 2)
 Upside Down Shawl, 100% Cotton. Two ways to wear it.

Deconstruted Leggings, 100% Cotton and Mesh.
Back Seam Leggings, 100% Cotton and Mesh.

WEARING: All Melissa Araujo Slate Collection
The lugagge that I had been using for eight months is now all put away, closets organized and my studio is cleaned and dust free. It is time to get down and back to designing, creating and of course promoting my latest line: Slate - a line inspired by geometric shapes and fluidity.

Many of the pieces you can wear two or even three ways. I put a lot of thought and work into this collection. Now it is time for you all to see it, like it and who knows maybe even buy it; if you like it a lot, feel free to promote it on your own blog ;) Stayed tuned because my next blog post will have details about entering a GIVE AWAY for one of the new pieces. Come back to check out which piece will be up for grabs and the rules to be eligible. If you have time check out my designs and more here. Photography by TrichesTadiello

May 17, 2012


Not many words on this post, the pictures will do the talking. Amazing trip, great friends, beautiful ocean and sky. Can't complaint. Now back to reality and getting ready to stay put for a while. Going to have to live through some of my pictures and memories.

May 14, 2012

Warm Days

Dressing up in warm countries or in the Summer time is much easier than winter. I feel so free and  want to pick out different outfits, see and be seen. Sun just brings the best out of me, such happiness and satisfaction.

I got ready to see my brother and his girlfriend whom I had not seen in a few years. I can't explain how happy I was to see, hang and catch up with them. I think that's why I love the triology "The Godfather". Family is strong, in my case it comes easy, loving my two brothers because it is all I have, my mom taught us no matter how long we are apart we are one.
Wearing: American Apparel Jumper, Zara Shorts, Louis Vuitton Make Up Bag, Maria Eduarda Necklace and H&M Shoes.

May 10, 2012


WEARING: Zara Chiffon Jumper and Shorts, American Apparel Clutch, Club Monaco Necklace, Uterque Sunglasses and Vintage Shoes

"The quality of everything we do: our physical, verbal, and even our mental actions, depends on our motivation. That's why it is so important for us to examine our motivation in our day to day life. If we cultivate respect for others and our motivation is sincere, if we develop a genuine concern for others' well being, then all of our actions will be positive." Dalai Lama

My yoga instructor sent me this quote and I wanted to share these words of encouragement and motivation with you all. Change is good. Change is growth. I'm going to listen to my own advice: Don't worry about the things that are out of your control. No need to stress over it, because in the end the result will be the same. Regardless of you being stressed out or not. May as well be calm. Travelling helps.

May 07, 2012


Wearing: American Apparel Jumper, Mink Pink Shorts, Uterque Sunglasses, Calvin Klein Clutch, H&M Shoes and Club Monaco Bracelets.
Pictures by Jeff Nicholls

I spent the day by the pool with friends and my new favourite drink: Stoli with frozen lemonade. We made plans to go out to dinner and dancing, this is what I wore to the occasion. Beside being blinded by neon colour lasers, I had a good time, certainly not because of the ambiance or DJ but because of my peeps. Thanks David and Crystal for sticking around and getting room service: 4 pizzas, 3 serving of fries and 2 cheesecakes at 4 am. Gluttony? Maybe, but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. Also you may notice my blog has changed a little bigger photos, better layout, please make sure to check out the new links added it takes you to my website and you get to see some of my work.

May 03, 2012


MA WEARING: VINTAGE Crochet Dress, AMERICAN APPAREL One piece Jumper, CLUB   MONACO Sunglasses and Bracelets, COCLICO Shoes.  CY WEARING: WILFRED Silk Dress, H&M Belt, ALDO Pony Wrap Sandals and RAYBAN Sunglasses
One of the best things about my trip to the Dominican Republic was that one of my favourite beach babes was there. Crystal was able to make it down with her boyfriend and photographer David Innanen. We hung out under the basking sun, drank by the pool but somehow still managed to do a shoot together. The super couple found this abandoned beach house, that was closed for "business" and ready for a shoot. Crystal is a wonder, even though she is busy between designing her collections, styling and modeling, she finds the time to give me advice and listen when I am having emotional or professional crises. I wish I was as funny and as witty as her. If you missed our collaboration last year check here. Countdown is on for when I get to see them next. Photography by David Innanen.