December 23, 2011


WEARING: Melissa Araujo's Slate Collection. **COMING SOON**

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, yes I start this post screaming. It has been a long time coming, but I am really looking forward to getting this collection out. Between my moving to Europe and travels, some website technical difficulties and communication problems, it is slowly but surely getting it's proper love and attention. The new collection, together with a new layout for my website should be ready and coming out in the new year. These collages are just a few of my creatives for the Slate Collection, that I have worked on while in Barcelona. The photos for the editorial and lookbook were shot by the talented team and my close friends Francis & Bruno , which you willl see soon in January 2012!! I descontructed their  photography, used my sketches, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to create a sense of detachment and lines. This new collection was based on a lot of shapes, so I wanted to use the same creative direction here that I used to design the new collection. I am very happy with the final results of the shoots, creatives and I can't wait to show you all.

December 15, 2011


Wearing: American Apparel Cotton Bra and Socks, Zara S Button Up Chiffon Shirt, Forum Skinny Jeans(Brasil), Hasbeens Clogs and Ray Ban Sunglasses. Rings from all over the world

Things just keep getting better and better on this side of the world. I had the most fantastic weekend. My friend Neicia, from London, flew in to spend her birthday with me and friends. I haven't seen her in over a year, and it is great to see someone and everything clicks, you're right back where you left off and it seems as though you never been apart. Well that was it for us. To top it all off, our reunion was full of champagne and caipirinhas, which were flowing like water. We hit great hip places all over Barcelona: Bairros, from Gotic and Laval to Gracia. We covered everything from shopping, to eating, over indulging in drinks, and dancing the nights away with pretty much no sleep, while catching up on each other's lives. Sometimes you need weekends like these, where you can just give it your all and have fun, I am still in recovery mode though.
My other friend who has been living in Barcelona left to London as well. Before she departed, we spent her last day at the Labyrinth (where Pan's Labyrinth was filmed, if you haven't seen it: Do. It is one of my favourite films). Such a beautiful setting to say good bye to someone, aswell as to share beautiful memories and snap some pretty photos. Safe travels Raekha, can't wait to be reunited. Counting down the days! "We are taking to the stars! How many people do you know that can take it this far?!"

December 07, 2011


Another dream down a million to go. This one in particular is pretty close to my heart. It was my first time in Africa, visiting Morocco to celebrate my friend Raekha's bday. The highlight of my trip while in Marrakesh was our visit to the Jardin de Majorelle. For my fashion savvy people this is the it place to stop if you are ever in Morocco. For those who don't know, this was the home of my favourite designer: Yves Saint Laurent, and where his remains are buried. Why is he my favourite designer? Because he dared to feminise the basic shapes of the male wardrobe, YSL set new standards for the world of fashion. He not only adapted the male tuxedo for women, but also empowered women to feel like they could be head to head with men at work and outside.  He was also the first designer to use ethnic minorities as models on the runway. That my friend had me sold. He was so sensitive to art, the ballet and creativity. I have always looked up to him and it was such a pleasure being at his home, seeing where he went to be reclusive and find inspiration. His garden had plants and flowers from all continents, the architecture was edgy and colours were vibrant. We finished our visit by having the ever so famous Moroccan mint tea (no sugar) and chocolate banana pancakes. Thanks Raekha for taking these lovely pictures of me and for listening to my facts on YSL's life and history. I am so grateful to be able to dream, to design and to appreciate beauty.
 WEARING: Wilfred Cropped Top, American Apparel Maxi Dress, and Club Monaco Necklace

December 03, 2011


Royal Palace in Madrid
Plaza Mayor
A little re-cap of my trip to Madrid. I went there for 5 days with my girlfriends and it was something else. Big clean spaces, lots of history, the weather was great and above all so much ART. Madrid possesses a lot of cool, hip neighbourhoods and streets that I was able to explore. There were lots of amazing independent clothing and accessories shops, even coolers places to eat and drink. I was fortunate enough to go see landmarks such as the Royal Palace of Madrid (the largest palace in Western Europe), walked around Gran Via and Paseo del Padro(tons of shopping) and visited amazing museums like Prado and Arte Reina Sofia.

The museum Arte Reina Sofia alone is worth the trip to Madrid, it is mainly dedicated to Spanish art. Highlights of the museum include excellent collections of Spain's greatest 20th century masters, Pablo Picasso, Salvador DalĂ­, Joan Miro. Certainly the highlight for me was the masterpiece from Picasso's painting Guernica. OUT OF THIS WORLD. I wasn't able to take a shot, but it's beauty and complexity are beyond words, how amazing. I am Mad about Madrid! If I could all I do is travel.