November 11, 2016


WEARING: Mango Coat, Acne Pants, Adidas Sneakers, Galisfly Rings & MalibuCali Alfie Bag.

It doesn’t take a fashion expert to master the art of mixing and matching. Once you learn a few simple tricks of the trade, you’ll be pairing patterns like any blogger in no time. It’s easier than it looks. Once you have these easy tips down, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. Some of the best combinations happen when you least expect.

1. Use the Law of Attraction:

Graphic prints always play well together. Stripes need not be worn exclusively in one direction. So forget everything you've been told and get creative. In my case I worn vertical stripes with a graphic print on my sweater. The simpler and more graphic the prints, the easir they are to mix, the same print in different sizes will pair well together regardless of colour scheme.

2. Break Up The Look With Solids:

You can go for matching the palette and not the pattern.  You can layer in some solid-colored clothes and accessories to make the mitch and match seem less loud. If the colours look good together, more often than not the patterns will too. Here I paired black, navy and off white together to keep my outfit somewhat subdue but still playing with the stripes and geometric print.

3. Have fun:

If print on print and colours are your gem, go for it, have fun. Mix stripes, flower and geometric prints, because the best thing in life is breaking rules. Do you! Let me know in the comments how you mix and match stripes and prints, I would love to hear it.

Photo by Carmin Edwards

November 03, 2016


WEARING: Isabel Marant Jacket, Melissa Araujo LS Top, Diesel Jeans (DIY Holes), Aska Troy Bootie, Celine Sunglasses and Fendi 2jour Bag

While in Paris I visited some showrooms and saw the new SS17 collections up close. The brands that impressed me the most were Beth Richards Swimwear (from Canada), Azede Jean Pierre (from the US) and Filles a Papa (from Belgium) because of their beautiful craftsmanship and originality. I highly recommend that you check their work and designs over Instagram. I want to give a shout out to the designers from each brand who just happen to be cool and empowered females.

As my friend Natasha and I were walking over the famous Alexander III Pont, we decided to take a few photos before going to our next showroom appointment. I was feeling bad ass while wearing this cool Isabel Marant jacket, paired with my fav ripped jeans and Celine glasses. Let's just say sometimes an outfit can make your day and give you extra confidence! This one certainly did that for me.

Photo by Natasha Ndlovu