May 26, 2014


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Dress (New Collection Coming at the end of Summer), Rodebjer Kimono Coat, Adidas Superstar 2, Club Monaco Clutch and The Haute Pursuit's Cuffs.

I always feel that I am wearing something that is borderline, maybe like a costume, simply not what you see most people wearing around. It is a fine balance choosing pieces like this coat, which has been described to me as a house-coat or doctor's lab jacket. I have never shyed away from being different, what I like to refer to as "unique" (what some really might call weird).

Growing up in Brasil it was quite clear to me and my poor mother (who really, really wanted a regular daughter that would love girly things) that from an early age, I was never that kind of girl. People always tried to figure it out or put me in a box, but every time they thought they knew what I was all about I would change things up. I love minimal, monochrome and simple but I am certainly not one dimensional. I think every individual is so much more than just labels, don't you?

Photos by Carmin Edwards.

May 19, 2014


WEARING: Prada Bag, Oak + Fort Long Jacket, Cyeoms Crop Top, American Apparel Zipper Pants, Zara Sandals and Made Her Think Rings.

Who is also feeling in between? In between stages of our lives and in between seasons? Raining days never seems to cease and sunny days only arrives when I am working. Not an easy combo for someone who blogs and is sun driven. I am counting down the days where the sunshine will come in abundance and care free beach days are a possibility not only daydreaming.

On some fashion news I was featured in the Belgium magazine Sabato, their article was about the "ugly chic" footwear trend. If you can read French or Dutch check my feature here and here. It only felt right to wear my "orthopedicool" sandals again. Do you love or hate the new comfort trend from Birks to all the Nikes and Adidas?

Photos by Carmin Edwards.

May 12, 2014


WEARING: Celine Trio Bag, H&M Conscious Collection Jacket, American Apparel Pocket T-Shirt and Leather Skirt, Adidas Superstars II , Made Her Think Rings and Zara Cuffs.

As the weather transitions from Winter to Spring, I catch myself undeniably confused and tricked by the sun. You look through your windows and all you see is sunshine, yet when you step outside; suddenly the brisk air reminds you that it is not Summer, no matter how temped you are to wear your mini skirt over the weekend. I am sure the warm temperatures are around the corner, but until then grab your oversized coat to keep warm and stylish while we transition.

Photos by Carmin Edwards.

May 05, 2014


WEARING: Club Monaco Vest and Clutch, H&M Tank & Sunnies, DIY Ripped Jeans, Aldo Heels and THPS Cuffs.

I want to share a quote from Amanda Brooks, the former fashion director of Barneys: "Simple clothes don't cover things up, they reveal who you are. It is better to be seen than to be noticed". I agree with this statement, I continue to search for that point where my style is not boring but instead have made things more clear and interesting through simplicity. Minimizing and letting the clothes be an extension of who you are can be both challenging and very rewarding, don't you agree? 

Photos by Carmin Edwards.