April 28, 2014


WEARING:  Zara Blazer and Slip on Sandals, American Apparel Pleated Pants, DIY Crop Top, Celine Trio Bag, Margiela Necklace (Worn as Bracelet) and Galisfly Mid Rings.

You can't ever have too much black, I can now say the same is true for white; to think at some point in my life I only wore black seems senseless now. This week's outfit is taking my obsession with monochromatic simplicity to the next level, and never have I been so excited about white. I am also totally loving the come back that sneakers and slip-ons have been making. I am sure you all know by now, but I will always choose sneakers and flats over heels (blasphemy?!). As for my Celine Trio bag, I am still as happy with it now as I was when I first purchased it. If you are not sure whether: "to buy or not to buy" let me tell you, save up the money and get it. It is worth it!

Photos by Carmin Edwards

April 21, 2014


WEARING: Thrift Turtleneck, DIY American Apparel Zipper Pants, H&M Leather Jacket & Heels, Alexander Wang Marion Bag and Zara Cuffs.

Take one old, very oversized pair of pants + a pair of scissors and the willingness to cut them up; you may end up with the perfect ingredients to make something new and cool. I love the result of this DIY. I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday, and some guy walked up to me at the end of the night with a very serious face and said: "You need to buy a new pair of jeans". Oh the things men will never understand.

As you may have noticed, I have been missing in action this month, it has been busy for me and I will continue on this pace until the end of August. Creating a new brand and collection is no small feat. Meryl Fernandes, my partner in crime and I are working hard on our collaboration: Two M Projects. We are creating the patterns at the moment, and there is still a lot more work to be done. It is so rewarding to see things come to life! Please forgive my absence, I will try my best with my posts here, for more weekly updates though follow my Instagram.
Photos by Carmin Edwards.

April 08, 2014


WEARING: Melissa Araujo's 3 in 1 Vest, American Apparel Pullover, Splendid Pants, Adidas Superstar 2 and THP's Bound Cuffs.

I am breaking my two week hiatus. At first I was busy getting things done in the studio to ensure that I could go on a mini holiday to LA, and I did get things done on time to be able to travel. What a trip it was! Sunshine, good girlfriends, and I felt extremely grateful to be in LA once again. I love it there, it feels like a second home to me for sure. This time around, I spent a lot of time in Santa Monica, visiting places like Manhattan and Hermosa beaches, did a lot of shopping, dining and drinking.

There wasn't much rest on this trip; we hit the clubs, we danced all night and were between the pool and the beach during the day. I did not take any pictures for the blog while I was there, I really wanted to feel like I was on vacation, so I took a break from everything social media related. These shots were taken before I left to LA. It is still cold here, raining from time to time, so the layering trend continues. Long Vests over sweaters is where it's at ;) Thanks for being patient, I am back and I hope with more creativity and energy than before. Five days away can really help freshen up and inspire the mind. Back to hustling now.
Photos by Carmin Edwards