October 21, 2013


They are finally here, snaps from the ACRE show. I am stoked to share these with you, more will be posted on my Facebook page in the next few days. Being able to see the Linear Collection displayed in such a minimal, industrial venue was important to me. I explained to the models to think of themselves as buildings, as all the pieces were inspired by architecture; they understood the concept: "Be Strong and Independent". The project re-affirmed my belief that the simplest elements are always best to create maximum effect. I want to continue rejecting over-familiar notions while developing my personal and visual identity. I couldn't be more excited.

All photos by Kyran Yeomans from Particle Observer excluding the first; it was taken by Tanya Crail. Editing by Melissa Araujo

October 11, 2013


 I am really proud of how everything went with my first runway. It felt extra special to me, because not only was it my first show, but I was also involved in the planning and organizing of it all. I learned a few valuable lessons of what to do, and not to do next time. This event, for a controlling person like me, was an a real eye opener. You can prepare everything, but once the models leave the backstage to walk the runway, breath because their performance is literally out of your hands.

ACRE Projects got lots of positive reviews. I especially like the one from IX Daily, here are a few excerpts:  "Why is it that you choose the frame to fit the painting, but fashion collections are chosen to fit the show? What do you do when you’ve got a vision for your work, but not the right arena for exhibition? You create your own platform.(...) In addition to showing some exceptional work, A.C.R.E. embodied a truly artisanal approach to fashion design that was refreshing after Fashion Week season. It reminds us not to remove the collections from the designer’s vision, it recognizes how crucial the platform is to the work shown.  If you want to read it all, click here. More photos coming soon!