February 25, 2013


WEARING: Cyeoms Chiffon Jacket, Melissa Araujo Skirt (from new collection coming soon), American Apparel Beanie & Tights, H&M Clutch and Leather Vintage boots.

I finished cutting all my fabric by Thursday and began phase 3 - Sewing, on Friday night. Sewing the collection is no small feat but here I am, fully emersed. I feel bad because I get all kinds of invites to go out, hang, and my answer is always the same: "No sorry, I am busy". Here is a real shout out to all my friends who are patient. April is just around the corner (right?)! Plans for up and coming week: cut, cut, cut, sew, sew, sew - repeat. Hardly anytime for anything else. Dreams come first <3 Photos By Maria Aldrey.

February 18, 2013


WEARING: H&M Faux Fur Vest, Vintage Leather Jacket, Splendid Zipper Leggings, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, Club Monaco Sunnies and Thrifted Shoes

Well, Spring is supposedly around the corner; but I have to say that it does not yet feel like that here. Until it arrives, I will continue to wear leather and fur (or in this case faux fur). A great way to break up an all black outfit is by adding some "colour" to your shoes. Here, I went with metallic, which for me is as much of a basic, as black and white. Long live simplicity and minimalism, where a colour or one piece is in itself enough.

Good news: I have finally finished drafting all my patterns, and purchased amazingly soft fabric. The cutting has already began, if things go to plan and I don't have any road blocks, I should be done that phase by next week. I am so excited, anxious, you name it - if there is an emotion I am feeling it - up and down, my heart and mind are constantly freaking out. Every new collection, old feelings re-emerge and others also arrive. The assuring thing is that I have finished and survived my own doubts every collection, so I am positive that this one will be the same.

Photos by Maria Aldrey.

February 11, 2013


WEARING: American Apparel Wool Club Jacket, Disco Pants, Beanie + Polka Dot Socks and Splendid Men's Sweatshirt.

What can I say, I am a sucker for basics; who makes better basics than AA and Splendid, both who just happen to be in L.A. Yes, I am a sucker for Los Angeles! If you been to my blog enough, you know about my fascination with things made, and based in LA. These two companies, even though they are completely different, are true to that statement. Plus, they give me hope of creative / design jobs staying in North America (any job for that matter).

These are not your basic basics, take for example the well known Disco pants (literally if you don't have it, go get it, they are the comfiest pants I own). If you aren't familiar with Splendid, give it a chance, don't be afraid to check their men section as well, I personally love it. The weather here continues to be cold and rainy.  I am so ready to drop down the layers and be warm again.

Photos by Maria Aldrey (website under construction)

February 04, 2013


WEARING: Vintage Leather & Fur Jacket, Vintage Leather Vest, H&M Pants, Calvin Klein Clutch and Leather Booties

This was a cold day, I believe one of the coldest we have had so far, but the sun was shining beautifully and I couldn't resist going out for a stroll. I wrapped myself in this white fur and a leather jacket. I am not a winter person but if you have to endure it, you may as well do it in style. It was a memorable afternoon filled with deep conversations, thoughts and wine.

Also, I wanted to say thank you to Danny from Ahh, la vie for featuring my style on her blog. I am humbled and pleased that someone likes it enough to share with their readers. Please check out her blog, and my feature here.