November 27, 2012


WEARING: Oak and Fort Jacket, Club Monaco Shirt + Sunnies, DIY Skirt, Margiela +H&M Bracelet, Vintage Clutch & Aldo Shoes

Well, Christmas is less than a month away. I love going to other blogs and seeing what people want for xmas and their wish lists. I still want the Alexander Wang Marion Bag (hint hint friends and family) help a sister out. Also, the Celine Nano Bag, and the Phillip Lim Ozone Trompe L'Oeil Jacket. LOL  I probably won't get any!

Talking about wishes and acquisitions, I got a necklace from the Margiela x HM collaboration. Not the one you've seen everywhere lately but the more simple one, the one that can be worn as a bracelet which suits me better. I am really happy with this small but great purchase. I like the simplicity and the industrial feel of it. Did you guys get anything from that collection?

November 22, 2012


This post is to share with you my bedroom. I moved into a new place this past August and took the opportunity to re-decorate my room.  The sky is the limit for choices that create our bedroom ambience; from cozy, to sophisticated to minimalistic.  In my life there are two places that I spend a lot of time: my bedroom and my studio (photos coming soon). 
This is the place where I begin and end each day, it is bright and clean. I got rid of a lot of things I did not need, clutter is the enemy of a visually attractive bedroom. I wanted an understated + fresh look. I think a intimate view of one's favourite spaces can speak louder than any outfit. Thank you Particle Observer for capturing these images. It is all in the details. 

November 15, 2012


WEARING: Zara Blazer, American Apparel Turtleneck Crop Top (LOVE!) , DIY Skirt and Aldo Shoes

Not sure if anyone can notice the subtle changes in my blog layout but there are a few. The reason I did not post last week is that I have been busy with my friend Aina. She is a Communication Designer who loves fashion, minimalism and geometric shapes as much as I do, she collaborated with me to upgrade and update my blog's new sleeker look. She added triangles (my favourite shape) in a few places that we saw fit and she responded to every email, text or question promptly and professionally. I am beyond happy with the results. Thank you Aina! You guys should check her work here <3

I wanted the upgrade to reflect more of my personality and taste. Sleek, minimalistic, geometric and edgy in some instances. I hope people that visit my blog can recognize those traits, and the blunt but sincere opinion that takes form here. People change, life changes and I hope I keep on progressing, remaining true to who I am and what I like. Not too long ago I wouldn't be caught dead wearing white but look at me now, my wardrobe had an invasion of white pieces and I couldn't be more thankful. Thankful for being open to try something different and to identify myself with that which is both old and new. 

Photos by the incredible Particle Observer - the Modern Family has an honorary member in me. Thank you for all your support <3

November 01, 2012


WEARING: Melissa Araujo: Melissa Araujo Upside Down Shawl, Alexander Wang Tank, H&M Pants and Shoes, Club Monaco Sunnies, Dog Tags from my bf.

Crystal Yeoms: American Apparel Sexuali- Tank & Zipper Pant, Bebe Leather Jacket, Simard Vintage Loafers, DIY Crystal Necklace, Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch and Karen Walker Shades.
I think the title says it all - Under Construction: life, dreams, career, likes, dislikes, future and the list can go on and on... I have a strong personality so sometimes being "under construction/ development" can be frustrating. At times I am so certain that I am where I need to be and it is what it is; then life comes around, slaps me and shows that I have lots of learning and growing to do.

Some of my reality checks come from my bff, who was in town visiting, you all know her by now: Crystal Yeoms. How convenient that we found this construction site to be the back drop for our young, independent designer growing pains. Why not? It was dirty, dusty and imperfect perfect. It helps to have someone who truly understands the struggles and joy you are going through. She is now gone and I am already having a countdown for when she comes home during the Holidays; so we can hang and do more creative projects together. Don't forget to enter my Giveaway for the Melissa Araujo 3 in 1 Asymmetrical Dress here. Oh, by the way I designed and made the Vest that I am wearing.

Photos by Particle Observer