July 25, 2012


WEARING: DIY VINTAGE  Jeans Vest, Vintage Leather Skirt, American Apparel Top, Leather Bag (Morroco Market) and Dolce Vita Heels

Life has been crazy busy for me lately. I don't think I can express how fulfilled I feel when I am multitasking, on the go, and busy busy busy! The month of July for my designs has been awesome and I also got to catch up with some old friends (shout out to Charlotte and Trisha). At the end of this week I am looking forward to one of my bff's Crystal ,coming home, so we can catch up and hang out (who am I kidding I am super stoked about her Super 8 film release this weekend).

I haven't have the time to breath. LIFE and carreer are in synch again. I am so pumped for what is to come and on top of everything today is my birthday! I wish my brothers and my babes from around the world were here with me (Hanna, Natasha, Shafy, Crystal, Raekha, Neicia, Claudia to name a few) love and miss you all <3

July 18, 2012


WEARING: Vintage Jacket, American apparel Top and Cyclist Shorts, H&M Bag

I am now back from Cali and what an amazing trip that was! I went between LA and New Port Beach (Orange County). I was so busy with everything that I didn't have time to take many pictures. Bare with me though, I did get one outfit post in a back alley, and a few Instragrams.

I ate a lot, it was like I was Italian or something, all I craved was pasta and wine and then some more wine. I shopped a bit (not as much as I wanted to, but you know my Visa card can only take so much) I am sure you all can relate to that. I found this bomber jacket in a vintage store and I went crazy when I saw it, I love the print and obviously the colour. Also I must warn you, you will be seeing me wearing these cyclist shorts from American Apparel a lot, I am currently obsessing over them, they rock!I didn't take that many pictures with my iPhone, but here are my favs. Follow me on Instragram: melissaaraujo07

July 11, 2012


WEARING: American Apparel Mesh Dress, Bandeau Bra, and High Waist Zipper Shorts, Ralph Lauren Blazer, La Mare Heels and Hand Made in Morocco Leather Bag

I am loving California, every minute of my trip. I have been really busy since I got here, so no pictures yet; but I do have some from before I left home, and have finally had time to come in the blog to post it. A head to toe all black outfit is my trade mark, especially if you can have the contrast of mesh involved (who doesn't love mesh things?!!)

My hotel has an amazing swim up pool bar that I have been taking advantage of everyday, and the sun is nice and hot. I have to say California girls are so beautiful, most of them anyway. Their tanned skin, blonde hair, long legs, and perfect smiles, it's the "Girl Next Door" syndrome. I aslo appreciate the very relaxed, yet trendy fashion style. It makes me want to hang out at the beach all day and drink out of fancy little straws.

July 06, 2012


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Skirt, H&M Top, Club Monaco Jumper, Aldo Heels and Alexander Wang Sunnies.

I don't even know where to start! It is only the 6th of the month and July has already beaten June by far. Things to celebrate in this first week:

#1. I got the place!!!! I want to thank everyone who left me a comment about my apartment (amazing positive vibes). I promise sometime in August when I am all settled I will take snaps of the place ;)

#2. This post marks my 100th post, which I think it is a big deal!! To show a little love in this outfit, I decided to design and make a new skirt for it. My creative juices are coming back, no more creative block.

#3. Today is the birthday of one of the most amazing boys that I know - My boy that is. I am just so happy we get to hang out pretty much everyday and share so many adventures and good times. We are opposites but I hear opposites attract.

#4. I get to go to LA for all of next week. Some opportunities presented themselves and I got invited to be part of it. Karma does come around! I will definitely try to register my outtings with my camera and my IPhone (I have instragram: follow me at: melissaaraujo07).

#5. I am very proud of my brother, he just got accepted to a Marketing PHD program. He worked really hard to get in and he did it!!!

#6. Last but not least the sun is finally out and the temperatures are rising. My mood already is changing to high spirits Thank you July I needed some good news to come around!!

July 01, 2012


WEARING: DIY head piece and American Apparel Jumper

I have been looking for a new place to live; finding an apartment that's the right size, look and price is not as easy as you would think. For a girl who loves clothes, shoes, books and magazines I need a lot of closet and storage space. I have fallen in love with one building that has lots of character and space. The only problem was that I wasn't the only one who viewed it,  other people also had a chance to see it. We put in an application, now I just have to wait and see who will be approved for it. August 1st is only a month away and I really don't want to continue this search. Cross your fingers that I get this one because I am ready to call it my own.

This was a fun mini shoot with my friend and photographer Joe Wray, on a sunny afternoon in Barcelona at my old place. We were experimenting with his new toy a Yashica D, vintage film camera. These are the negatives, I like the raw feeling of unedited photos.