November 17, 2011


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On a sunny afternoon I walked to Park the Guell, an amazing garden of 42 acres that was created by Antonio Gaudi, as a stylish parc for Barcelona's aristocracy. Now it is open to touristrs from all over the world. The parc contains amazing stone structures and fascinating buildings, beautiful sculputures and seats adorned in a multi-coloured tiling. The whole garden feels magical and breathtaking. I thought I was part of the Alice in Wonderland book, everything so surreal and out of the norm. The Parc Guell contains one of the best views of the city, it is quite the hike to get up there but it is all worth it and if I did it, anyone can. Gaudi has once again blown my mind, inspired me to dare and who knows maybe use colour. Loving this city, loving Gaudi, life is too short to be closed minded. Travel.

November 07, 2011


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Antonio Gaudi was an architect, sculputure, designer, and flat out a genius. La Sagrada Familia is one of Gaudi's most famous works in Barcelona. It is a giant Basilica that has been under construction since 1882 and is not expected to be completed for another 30 to 60 years. The whole thing is amazing; great minds when applied properly can create such wonders. That is what La Sagrada Familia is, a wondreous work of art and design. I also felt a sense of respect for his passion and commitment to his work and to the church. He designed everything, from the beautiful iron doors, sculptures, insane poles with high ceilings to the light stands.
Because the building is still under construction there were scafolds, workers and some dust. However, this in itself is interesting, especially if you visit the museum inside the building; there you can find a workshop full of projects that are to be restored or constructed for all to see. La Sagrada Familia is a truly magnificent building and an absolute must-see amazing piece of art. The best part, I get to see it everyday from my bedroom window. The joys of moving and travelling in Europe.

November 03, 2011

¿Hablas espaƱol?

Better late than never. Here are some Barcelona photos that I have been meaning to share with you. This was such a wonderful day. I did  the whole tourist thing, walking up and down at Las Ramblas, eating the very famous "Spanish Tapas" such as Batatas Bravas(which is my newest obsession, I crave those carbs all the time!), Spanish omelette, which is basically eggs, onions and more potatoes, and of course the traditional sangrias. Sooo many people are out in the streets at all hours, from all over the world, many talented street artists are performing at all time as well. This day I was able to catch the famous party: Festes de la Merce, that happens every year in Barcelona, with a parade of kings and queens called Giants made by local artists. There are all kinds of venues, and lots of concerts, all over the city, fireworks and of course the energetic vibe of the streets. I have no complaints, I feel excited and happy, is it wrong that I feel at home already? Must be the weather, people, places, food, drinks, music and culture! Or the fact that I must be a Gypsy. Either way I accept this easy transition of continents, culture and life style!
Wearing: Melissa Araujo Top, American Apparel Lace Bra, Mink Pink Shorts and Ray Ban Sunglasses