May 23, 2016


To travel, to see and experience more of the world are some of my main goals in life. I travel as much as possible, work hard, save and go; it's even better when I get to go somewhere for work. I have many countries, cities and places that I would like to visit one day. Morocco was on my list, and what a place! Beautiful in its many colours, streets are alive with noises, the people and the architecture will leave your senses full and wanting more. I was fortunate enough to visit this country with one of my best friends, and we really took our time exploring the cities, markets, restaurants and street food too - best mint tea ever. Sometimes not all experiences abroad, being a female traveller are pleasant, trust me we had a few of those moments. I have learnt when travelling to just roll with things as they happen, good or bad. Do not hold on to anything that is not going to bring you positivity, to just take in all that is different and beautiful. 
What are your dream places to visit? Share some of your experiences and let me know in the comments below!

May 02, 2016


WEARING: Cameo Collective Crop Top, Vintage Pants, Hieleven Bag, Cluse Watch, Galisfly Rings, Adilette & Common Muse Earrings.

Weekends are usually when you will see me wearing something other than my weekday uniform (black top or sweater, paired with black skinny jeans, a choice of leather jacket / a bomber or an oversized long coat - depending on the weather) always with sneakers. During the week I don't exactly get an A for effort, all black is the easiest way for making yourself socially acceptable without having to spend too much time getting ready.

I am all about being comfortable and dressing down, but you will never see me out in sweatpants. On the weekends though, when I have extra time to think about what I want to wear, that's when I like to try a few things that I wouldn't wear on a weekday. Here for example I paired a crop top with high waist, wide leg pants and Adilettes, semi tucked hair and minimal accessories for the win. Most people probably wouldn't be able to wear this look at work (not everyone works in fashion), but you can rock it during the weekend.

What is your weekend vibe? Tell me in the comments below! xx

Photos by Jeffrey Nicholls.