December 27, 2015


  1. Leather Love 
  2. Fresh
  3. To Flare Or Not To Flare 
  4. Little Black Dress
  5. Lighten Up
  6. Ripped Jeans & Fraying Tops
  7. The Maya Slit Dress
  8. Angular Shapes 
  9. Robe Coats
  10. Classic Black
Here is a re-cap of what I think were the best outfits of 2015! I have added a link to each selection in case you want to see the rest of the photos. This past year has been a total whirlwind for me and you know what they say - time flies when you are busy! Thank you for stopping by here regularly and my Instagram - @melissa.araujo. I feel so lucky to have been able to make new connections and interact with so many dope people - whether it be through bonding over all black outfits, or sharing our trips around the world. I do hope we can connect to share more memories and ideas in 2016! Here is to ending the year with a positive mindset and wishing you all a happy new year! 

December 21, 2015


WEARING: Top Shop Coat, Zara Sweater, H&M Leather Pants, Adidas Sneakers, Rachel Ruddick Bag, THP Shop & Wylden Rings.

This shoot was actually taken earlier this year but I did not share the close up portraits that Carmin Edwards took of me. I thought they were beautiful but didn't feel comfortable posting photos that seem so up close and personal of me. I opened the file again and noticed that I still love the shots now, as much as I did back in March when we took them. I decided to post them and to share a few personal things that you may or may not know about me.

Dance is something I love. I did Ballet for 14 years, it seems so long ago but it impacted my life and senses for the arts at a very young age.
I have never dyed my hair.
I wish I had worn braces to straighten my teeth.
I am an ocean child, so I must get my vitamin Sea as much, and as often as I can.
I used to be obsessed with tanning my skin. Now I still love to be under the sun but only if protected by many layers of sunscreen & a hat. I have finally accepted that I am never going to be one of those golden brown skinned girls.
I love to read, especially classics and poetry - nothing beats the power of imagination.
Travelling is my weakness, I am always working hard to save enough to be able to visit somewhere new or go back to one of my favourite places.
I speak with my hands and yes I am one of those touchy, feely people.
I want to live in France one day and be able to absorb as much of their culture and language as I can.
I eat popcorn as supper way too often, because why not.

Share in the comments something I wouldn't know about you or if you have any other questions for me, I will be glad to answer!

Photos by Carmin Edwards

December 14, 2015


WEARING: Max Mara Coat, Zara Sweater, Acne Trousers, Alexander Wang Lia Bag, Tibi Loafers and American Apparel Socks.

Magazines and fashion blogs alike are loving neutrals and monochromatic shades for winter. I am guilty of strutting around in winter whites, greys, shades of camel and of course: black. In my opinion, all of those tones are effortlessly chic. I am still adapting to the lighter colours as I am basically guaranteed to have a food / drink incident. I haven't let that stop me from incorporating those shades in my wardrobe. What about you, neutrals for winter or nay?

Photography by Carmin Edwards

December 06, 2015


WEARING: Carin Wester Coat, Zara Turtleneck, H&M Pants, Adidas Superstars, Rachael Ruddick Le Trop Bag, 8 Other Reasons Rings & THP Shop Cuffs.

From season to season, year after year, black pieces have always been the essential building blocks of my style. It is no secret that I am a fan of black. It is a reliable section of your closet that never lets you down. For any occasion or crisis, black will fufill your needs, make you look effortless and fashionable. It is my go-to option - no doubt, when you shop minimal pieces you end up being timeless. What is your go-to colour when it comes to building your wardrobe and making styling decisions?

Photography: Carmin Edwards.