September 24, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo LS Top (Coming Soon!), SheIn Slim Cut Out Jeans & SheIn Ruffle Loose Dress, Malibu Cali Ivy Mules and V&O x FIGTNY Rings.

Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses were undoubtedly the neckline of the Spring and Summer, I don't think anyone is quite ready to let go of it yet. Now that fall is here it is time to see how to style it without feeling out of season. My tip is to layer; you can do the obvious by adding a jacket or a cardigan, but I recommend wearing it with a long sleeve or turtleneck. I found this dress at SheIn, love the simplicity of it and added the cut off jeans for warmth. These leather mules by Malibu Cali are super comfortable - and tie the outfit together.  Last but not least I am in the process of updating my website with new colours and a few new items like this LS heather grey top - Coming Soon!

Photography by Jeff Nicholls

September 21, 2015


NYC is a global trendsetter and impacts media, art, fashion, finance and entertainment - it is widely regarded as the cultural capital of North America and it really is the city that never sleeps. New York wears many crowns and it is an irresistible place, where every neighbourhood offers a different taste of the city. I stayed at the 1 Hotel Central Park, which I would highly recommend. I spent most of my days visiting the city's landmarks, museums and neighbourhoods including the Empire State Building, Times Square, 9/11 Memorial, World Trade Centre, Statue of Liberty, the MoMA, the Met, the Guggenheim and many more. For districts, my favourites were: Soho, Williamsburg, Brooklyn then Manhattan.

I think everyone should experience this city, it doesn't really matter when you will visit; because New York felt like it is always ahead of the curve. It is an urban delight, you can lose yourself looking up at all the cool architecture and buildings around - old or new.  The best way to experience this city is to walk the streets, maybe take an Uber when you are running late or going some distance. NYC never stops and I enjoyed every moment; I can't wait to be back and see more of this beautiful place. Special thanks to my friend Terry, who shared this great experience with me.

All photos were taken with iphone 6.

September 14, 2015


WEARING: Gap Denim Jacket, No Brand Top, American Apparel Jeans (DIY), Aldo Heels, THP Shop Cuffs.

Things that I can't get enough of: Head to toe monochrome outfits, ripped jeans, fraying clothes and understated jewellery. Minimal anything, really. I love the way a few DIY rips in your jeans make things more exciting. Throw a top that has some fraying around the edges in the mix, and you will get the perfect dinner outfit. I added the heels to give a feminine touch to an otherwise minimal outfit. If the whole denim-on-denim thing is too much for you, then just use a different fabric for your top or jacket. My advice is to just go for it, experiment and try something new! I have returned from a pretty good time in NYC (check my travels via instagram @melissa.araujo), getting back to reality and a routine won't be easy after such a memorable trip... I will be sharing some photos, and some of my favourite spots while I was in the big city soon.

Photography Carmin Edwards

September 07, 2015


WEARING: Cmeo Collective Top & Skirt, Celine Trio Bag, Club Monaco Sunnies, Adidas Sneakers, V&O x FIGTNY Rings & Galisfly Bracelet.

The season is changing, summer is winding down and fall is around the corner. Even though I know it is inevitable, I am still trying to enjoy the last warm and sunny days left. I wanted to experiment with proportions and shapes; this year we have seen a change in focus from minimal lines, to more volume on top, oversized shoulders and exaggerated sleeves. I thought these pieces from Cmeo Collective represented the new shift, while still keeping it minimal, just how I like my clothes and accessories to be.

When it comes to minimal style, the finer details are key components to a perfect look. It is all about finding special pieces that compliment each other, and tie an outfit together. In a "Less is More" look you choose your accessories well, keep it simple but you make it count. For example the V&O x FIGNTY & Galisfly jewellery pretty much sums up my style. It is all I need to elevate my clothes and to stay true with my aesthetic.

Photos by Mackenzie Walker