August 26, 2015


WEARING: Kit And Ace V Tank (Fall New Collection), JBrand Jeans, JNBY Leather Jacket, Galisfly Jewellery.

Kit and Ace is a brand I can get behind, their motto is: "Luxury is in the details" and like my brand they concentrate on the perfect basics for everyday life. The cool thing is that their team developed what they call "Technical Cashmere", which translates to cashmere that you can wear, wash and throw in the drier: no hassle and no dry cleaning needed. Amazing or what? I was flattered when they contacted me for an interview and feature on their site. I had such fun shooting what a day in my life looks like, and to meet some amazing team members from Kit and Ace. Here is the beginning of my day, I always start by having a good chamomile tea, checking and responding to my emails. For the full interview check us out here.

Photos by Thompson Chan

August 24, 2015


This past weekend was quite hectic, but full of fun. If you follow us on Instagram (@melissa.araujo) you probably would have seen that we were busy running the Under-stated Pop Up. What a great weekend it has been. We were busy setting things up, organizing our Launch Party and finally opening the doors. The weekend went by so quickly, we learned a few new things and were overwhelmed but the amount of love and support we received during this process: THANK YOU! It was great seeing so many people come to check it out and share the moment with us. We had a pretty rad time and I am grateful to have shared the space with great people:  CyeomsThe Design Love Co, Woodlot and Wylden (all amazing brands by amazing women). The prints on the wall are my art work, really exciting to see them all up together and hanging!

All Photos taken on iphone 6. In the pictures I am wearing our LS Basic Top and Crystal is wearing Cyeoms Top.

August 18, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Front Slit Tunic (Coming Soon), Acne Pants, Malibu Andy Sandals, Galisfly Bracelets & Rings(New Collection) & Ray Ban Sunnies.

In my opinion, less is always more. When getting dressed in the mornings to go to work or out to meet friends my advice is: Keep it simple. It goes along way to be understated and blurring the lines between androgynous and feminine style. When something is perfect on its own it requires no bells or whistles. That's why I decided to design a line of great basics. I swear by and believe in investing in pieces I find it most basic, comfortable and timeless. The result? No predicament on what to wear when you are getting ready, save time and stress. This new tunic is part of my BASICS collection, easy to style, and fun to wear. It will be available by the first week of September - online or if you live in Vancouver you can come by our POP UP SHOP. 
WHEN: August 21 - 23, open daily 12 - 7 PM, WHERE: 436 Columbia Street and you can grab one of our pieces ahead of anyone else. Come by to check us out, shop and say hi!

Photography Mackenzie Walker

August 10, 2015


WEARING: GAP Denim Jacket, Levis Cut Off Shorts (DIY), Converse High Tops, 8 Other Reasons Rings

When worn the right way, your favourite tattered and torn denim (pants, shorts, or jacket) can look anything but sloppy. Keep the styling and beauty simple to avoid looking overdone. For me the best looks are often balanced between something natural on the makeup and hair; combined with minimal and cool pieces. And in my books you can't ever go wrong by finishing the look by adding sneakers to any outfit.

This past few weeks have been super busy and the rest of August will be as hectic. I am excited to announce I am doing my first pop up called Understated later this month - August 21-23. I am sharing the space with one of my besties Crystal from Cyeoms and we are gonna have a blast! If you are in town come by, shop and say hello. I am stoked about all the good things coming up! Gotta remind myself to breath and sleep.

Photography by Carmin Edwards

August 03, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Basic Top (Coming Soon), Cmeo Skirt, Malibu Cali Sandals, Dior Sunnies & Galisfly Jewellery (New Collection).

I am proud to say my label continues evolving towards greener practices and products. My focus isn't strictly organic materials, I have an approach that takes into account the entire cycle of a piece of clothing, from its carbon footprint to the place where it is made. Eco friendly materials are the building blocks of a good garment, but it is also important to create positive designs in every part of the process. For me this means emphasizing in timeless design, utilizing small-scale and local production.

Why choose bamboo? Bamboo fabric is to cotton what cashmere is to wool as well as other extra qualities. I choose to work mostly with Bamboo because it is an incredibly soft, luxuriously comfortable and smooth fabric. It is a highly sustainable plant, it is good for our environment because it does not require pesticides or fertilizers. Further bamboo is 100% biodegradable. Also it has extra qualities that can't go unnoticed but a lot of people are unaware.

It is breathable and it has thermo control, it feels great to wear in every season. Keeping you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. It absorbs moisture away from your skin keeping you dry and comfortable when you are active or when the weather gets hot and humid. For sensitive and allergy prone skin bamboo is perfect because of the smooth and round structures of its fibres. Also it naturally protects your skin from UV rays.

For all these reasons bamboo fabric is an excellent choice as a raw material, and I will continue to use  it in my collections while experimenting with other fabrics. Our clothes shouldn't be disposable, more people need to be conscious and try to shop with longevity and slow fashion in mind.

Photography by Mackenzie Walker