April 27, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo BASICS, JBrand Jeans, Polysemy Bracelets & Alexander Wang Kori Boots.

As most of you know earlier this month we launched our new collection: BASICS. It features seven tops for everyday life; the material is bamboo jersey for the outmost comfort and the pieces are all handmade in Canada. We choose to be conscious of where our product is made, not just where it is designed. We want people to understand where their clothes are produced and why it matters.

Have you heard of an organization called Fashion Revolution? Fashion revolution is a global coalition of designers, business leaders and writers calling for a reform in the fashion production and supply chain. They are asking consumers, designers and brands to ask a simple question "Who Made My Clothes? Check out their site to find out more and have look at our sustainable designs here.

Photos by Carmin Edwards

April 20, 2015


WEARING: YearOne Collective Proust Leather Jacket, Melissa Araujo Tank Top, JBrand Jeans Tailored High Flare, Nasty Gal Heels, Celine Trio Bag, Club Monaco Sunnies and THP Jewellery.

The thing is, flares are not as easy to wear as skinny or boyfriend jeans because they always require heels to fit properly; no wonder they are viewed as the ultimate leg lengthener. I am a devotee to the skinny fit and I don't wear heels that often, so I realized that the flare look will only be for special occasions. Keep in mind proportion is everything when you are wearing flares. You don't want to look frumpy, so you need to find that tricky balance between fashion-forward and casual. You want to make sure your style is still coming across strong and that you are not just another girl, following another trend. I kept it simple: Our Hellen Tank Top gives a casual touch (and I swear this is gonna be my go to tank for the Summer); Instead of suede, I went with this comfortable shearling leather jacket from YearOne and my choice of  JBRAND Jeans. I am definitely gonna wear my flares again, what about you - Ready to flare?

Photography by Mackenzie Walker

April 13, 2015


WEARING: H&M Coat, Cameo The Label Skirt, American Apparel Turtleneck & Socks, Tibi Mules, THP Shop Cuffs and Galisfly Rings.

I can definitely feel the weather changing: Longer days and a bit more sunshine. The cold days are not yet all gone, and I battle everyday with what I should wear. I always have to think strategically, because where I live the weather can change in the blink of an eye. To be safe I usually stretch my winter wardrobe during Spring and make sure to layer, this way I can make adjustments when needed.

A lot of girls change their wardrobe and accessories with the change of seasons; I am a bit different in that regard. I really cherish most of the pieces I have bought or have been gifted. I try to acquire things I can see myself wearing for years not just for a season; it is way more interesting to wear something "old" and style it in a new way. For example I have had this turtleneck for over 4 years now, before camel and turtlenecks were "in", my accessories here are also about a year old and I can honestly say that I love them. What about you guys: yay or nay for older pieces?

PS. The lovely Olivia from The Daily Women approached me for an interview read it here if you are interested to get to know me better.

Photography by Carmin Edwards.

April 06, 2015


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Tank Top, Front Row Duster Coat, JBrand Jeans, Nike Sneakers, Fendi Spy Bag & Amarilo Jewellery.

The boyfriend jeans are not a new trend, but I have to admit I had not yet tried it. When JBRAND Jeans sent me this slim-boy fit pair for under $200 (see HERE), I was thrilled because I liked the clean lines and the details of the ripped knees. I went up a size to give the boyfriend look a chance without going overboard, I rolled up the cuffs so it didn't look frumpy or shapeless. The top I chose to go with it was my own design from the BASICS collection, the Hellen Tank Top. I already know that this tank-top is going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe. To elevate an otherwise pretty casual outfit I added the Amarilo Jewellery ring and cuff; minimal and geometric. Just how I like it. 

Photography by Mackenzie Walker.