November 25, 2013


WEARING: American Apparel Pullover, Vince Turtleneck, Topshop Trousers, H&M Shoes, DIY PVC Clutch and Margiela x H&M Necklace Worn as Bracelets.

There is something about wearing all white outfits that is empowering. People you don't know feel the need to approach you and let you know the rules of not wearing in the Fall, then there are those who just look stare. The more they stare the more I know I chose the right outfit. Nothing like being different in such a basic colour. I also like wearing the Margiela Necklace as a bracelet; sometimes you need to add your own touch, and see beyond what is presented to you. I try to keep in mind that simplicity is subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.

Photos by Mc' Kenneth from The Little Fashionisto.

November 18, 2013


WEARINGCyeoms's Sami Shirt, H&M Leather jacket, Topshop Skirt, Ray Ban Sunnies, American Apparel Socks, Zara Sandals and Club Monaco Leather Clutch.

I am in need of some stillness and days off; though that is easier said than done. Trying to set aside personal time these days is real hard. I want to, but it seems like something always comes up and being who I am, I just add to my workload. I think all of us at some point needs to recharge, in order to be more productive and even creative.

I am reaching that stage where I need some time to re-fuel my mind, body and creativity. I know it won't be anytime soon, but one of my bff's Crystal is coming home next month and I am taking a whole weekend off to just hang with her. We will be able to share ideas, catch up, drink, eat and laugh. I am really looking forward to some well deserve girlfriend time. Anyone else need a break?

Photos by Kyran Yeomans.

November 11, 2013


WEARING: Melissa Araujo LS 2 Toned Dress, Alejandro Ingelmo Shoes.

I have been back from LA for a week now and it has rained pretty much everyday since, so when the sunshine comes out I try to catch as much as sunlight as possible. I probably should have worn a jacket or pants, but it is a rare occasion when the sun graces us like this, so I took full advantage of it.

I have decided to change my source of inspiration for the next collection. I have used Brazilian architect Oscar Nieymer for all my past collections, but I thought it was time to move forward and choose another. After my research I decided to go with the king of geometric forms I. M. Pei. You probably would know him from some of his work: the Louvre Pyramid and the JFK library. He has also created many other amazing, minimal and modern buildings, make sure to look his work up.

Photos by Kyran Yeomans. Editing by Melissa Araujo.

November 08, 2013


I first heard of Lack of Color designs because of Nadia from The Animal Orchestra. I am thankful I discovered this brand as I love their hats and style. They just come out with a new collection for Summer 2014 called "Rebirth of Color". Their hats are made of 100% Premium Australian Wool. I love their minimal approach to fashion. No doubt the one I am hoping to get my hands on is the Montana Midnight Muse. Make sure to check out their collection.

November 04, 2013


WEARING: H&M x Margiela Men's Blazer, Melissa Araujo's Batwing Dress, Splendid Shirt, and Alexander Wang Kori boots.

LA no matter how long the last visit was when I arrive it is like I never left; it feels like home. The people's attitude, fashion and weather are so inspiring. This past week was pretty intense, filled with meetings, visiting different LA head offices for contemporary fashion such as Splendid, Ella Moss, and 7 For All Mankind. I feel honoured I was invited to see the behind the scenes of these brands. Not only the actual head offices were cool with fierce beautiful people, it was a great way to see beyond fashion as clothing and instead see the business side of things.

It was such an eye opener, now more than ever I know exactly what I want. Such an humbling experience to put everything into perspective, my goals, dreams, brand, work and knowing where I come from and where I want to go. I feel overly excited and inspired, expect nothing than 150% hard work for my next collection. Starting this month I will be gathering my visual inspirations and making my mood board. Missing LA already and all the high energy it gives me. Reaching for the stars, moon and sun ♡. 

Photos by Mc'Kenneth from The Little Fashionisto. Thanks boo.