September 30, 2013


I will keep it simple; I have been sick this past week so there was no time for an outfit post, so instead I will leave you with some of my recent drawings. The first is my lovely friend Vanessa, most of you probably know her blog The Haute Pursuit and next we have the world explorer Jenna whom I admire so much for her courage.

It is T-3 days to the show, the site and some more info is available at ACRE. This way you can see the other designers, their work and our concept. I just chose my runway music; it is weird, a bit dark, and just perfect. I have decided on hair and make up for my models: minimal, natural, and sleek. I wish all my time was spent doing things like this. Being creative not just in Fashion but in other mediums like drawing, styling, creative direction, listening to music and exchanging ideas. I am full of inspiration of late, I just need my body to get over this cold so I can be 100% for the show. I hope everything goes accordingly to plan this week, but having to improvise will keep us all on our toes. Wish me luck!

September 17, 2013


WEARING: Melissa Araujo X Mesh Dress, Club Monaco LS Top, Zara Blazer, American Apparel Socks and Converse.

I wanted to share something dope that just happened to me this past week. I had my first feature in a print magazine, called FASHION. It is the number 1 magazine for fashion and beauty in Canada. I am grateful for the opportunity, I thought the write up and the interview questions were nicely done. If you live in Canada pick up the October issue to read the whole article.

Another bit of excitment is that I am working on a Collective Project with some other creatives in my city. I was invited by my good friend Mckenneth, who is responsible for the Little Fashionisto blog; I am always amazed by his creative mind and energy. We are now past the development stage and hopefully by next week I can share some more info, so you can be as into it as I am. When we met over the weekend to talk about the project he took some photos of me on the rooftop of his studio. I loved the result, perfect lighting. The weather here is getting colder, so as I transition to Fall, I try to still utilize my Summer pieces. The X Mesh Dress is one of those items that I know I will wear year around.

September 09, 2013


WEARING: Oak & Fort LS Chiffon Dress, Cyeoms Ca$h Top, American Apparel High Waist Jeans,  Rings by local designers,H&M Heels and Sunnies.

NYFW is on. NY city has been invaded with relevant bloggers and wanna bes from all over the world. Don't get me wrong I am not hating, it is one of my dreams to be there during a fashion week. To watch people as they stroll in and out of places, to be able to see a few of the collections from some of my favourite designers such as Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang. To have memories and stories to tell from my point of view, not to only hear them from others.

NYFW made me ponder about the amount of shows, seasons, and trends the industry has given us as consumers. It is a blessing and a curse. My opinion as a designer, the amount of seasons that have been added in a year is over the board. All I can think is that the fast fashion industry is trying to copy everything in time to sell it for cheaper in some inferior fabric, made abroad. I am not saying don't shop at H&M or Zara; I just think that we don't need everything to be new or follow every trend.

I enjoy re-working or re-wearing the same items. It gives me a chance to be creative with my styling and with my buying. I have always believed that less is more. I wish more consumers would support local shops and independent designers for their creations. I would rather save for one good item than have ten cheap things. This was something my Mom taught me at an early age, it has stuck with me since, and I am grateful.

Photos by Particle Observer.

September 02, 2013


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Slit Top, Topshop Skirt, Alexander Wang Marion Bag, H&M Sunnies and Shoes.

Though I feel that I deserved it, I still felt guilty about taking a week off from my work, projects and my routine. It was hard to step away from the studio, and my circle of friends. It was a bit of a self reflective trip. I got to see some old friends and try to understand how much different we are now. Change and some self reflection are good. I found myself re-encountering some very lovely people whom I have not seen in years, yet it was like we had never left each other. I also discovered that some people are still the same, but that same is no longer something that we have in common.

This whole trip was literally a constant connection and disconnection between worlds and people. It was a reminder of how much different I am, and have always been. I wish I could have brought the ones back with me, who are so very special in my life, and that have understood me since day one. I am not your typical person, but not everyone needs to get me. I also think this is the last post that I won't need some form of layering, as it is that time of the year. Goodbye Summer, Fall is fast approaching. Life is a constant reminder of change.
Photos by Maria Aldrey.