April 30, 2013


WEARING: Oak and Fort Chiffon Dress, American Apparel Crop top and Pleated Pants, Ralph Lauren Bag, Vintage Boots and Club Monaco Sunnies.

It has been quite the few weeks for me. I was really trying to stay at peace and relax when things around me were not working as I wanted or planned. It is hard not being able to control things all the time. Challenges were put in front of me, I first panicked; thankfully I had a hand full of friends who were supportive and gave me tons of positive words.

Voila the storm has passed, I figured out some things and I am back on course. I kept busy by illustrating a few pieces from the collection. It is not all done but it is already looking good. Anyway, I am glad things are not falling apart, instead they are falling in to place, I needed to work on my perspective, this was a good lesson. Also, I am trying to wear a few more flowly pieces and not just pieces that are structured.

Photos by Maria Aldrey

April 23, 2013


I am having withdraws from Coachella. I miss the weather, my friends and the music. It was such an amazing experience. A week after the fact, I am still feeling the high and the excitement of the festival. Having the second weekend is like having a double teaser; I wish I was there again. I keep on being reminded of all the cool and fun things that happened while I was there.

Now that I am back and settled, I need to get my focus back to sorting out my photo shoot. I promise it is not me being lazy, I really want to get it done. There are just a few bumps in the way, but they should be ironed out soon. I can't wait to do it, not only to show you guys but also to have it up on my website. I am asking the universe for some positive energy to get this done.

April 18, 2013


WEARING: Melissa Araujo Asymmetric Skirt (from the new collection-coming soon), Splendid Montmartre Blazer, and Converse High Tops.

The Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California is a dream come true. I couldn't go before because I was in school and taking time off during mid April was not an option for me. Once I finished school I was caught in the working dilemma "No time off". But this was the year, some of my closest friends and I made plans for a road trip to Palm Springs. So began an epic holiday full of great band sets, music, palm trees, sun, sand storms and cava.

Weekend 1, this ensemble was easy to wear and I really didn't look like I fit in to the festival, with all the bohemian, cut off shorts and hippie flower lovers out there. Nothing like standing out in a crowd of people. When I saw this minimal, colourless monument in the middle of the grounds at Coachella, I knew I would use it for a post. At night, different images and colours would be projected on to its walls.

There were around 85,000 people everyday, of all ages, sizes, races and fashion tastes. There are no words to describe the feeling of live music and seeing someone you admire perform so close to you. The highlights for me each day were as follow: Friday the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen O. oozed confidence, coolness and alpha female power (her leather jacket was to die for).  Saturday Moby's, DJ set made me dance my heart out. On Sunday, Grimes (Claire Bouchard) killed it, I love her sound and her one woman show. I am going to do another post about Coachella next week because there is lots to say and share - more pictures to come.

Photos by Phoebe Redlin

April 08, 2013


Another good thing about being done with the labour intensive part of putting together a collection is that I have some time for my hobbies. The first drawing is my friend Niki; she commissioned it after seeing some of my others (check them out here).  All the girls I have drawn so far are my beautiful friends. I don't have an outfit post this week as time has been extremely scarce and the weather didn't help at all (hence no photoshoot for the collection neither). Instead, I finished reading Oliver Twist and started sketching a few things for the collection.

I also have my hands full trying to organize things for my trip to Californina this Wednesday. I am going on a roadtrip with some of my closest girlfriends to enjoy COACHELLA! Can't wait to let you know the play by play of what  happens there. I am looking forward to listening to good music, enjoying the hot weather and seeing all the different festival fashions. Make sure to follow me on instagram and twitter to get live updates.

April 05, 2013


I picked up my new business cards at the end of last week, and I am really happy with how they turned out. Less is always more, I believe that simplicity and minimalism are timeless. I had some PVC left from my previous DIY (check it out here), so I decided to do this PVC mini wallet. In my case I will be using it exclusively to hold my business cards, but you can use it for bank + gift cards + money.

What you will need:

1. A square of PVC 6.5 x 6.5 inches
2. Ruler
3. Paper and pen to trace your design
4. Scissors
5. Screw-in Stud of your choice
6. Multi Hole punch

Once you have traced it, cut the PVC to your design. Then fold it and mark where you want to make the holes (one to screw the stud in, the other to clasp it together). The final touch is to attach the screw and it is ready to go. My new card was a design collaboration with Aina, it's good to work with friends and not have to control everything, all the time (it is that alpha female in me).

April 01, 2013


WEARING:American Apparel Turtleneck Crop Top + High Waist Jeans, Oak + Fort Flowing Trench Coat, Alexander Wang Marion Bag and Converse High Tops.

I am sure that you have heard the expression - Alpha Male before, but I am glad to say there is also an equivalent to that : The Alpha Female. I like to think that I am in this category. It is not easy to carry on in this exclusive (but growing) niche. People either think you are mean or just plain Cruella. I don't mind the stereotyping though. An Alpha Male is usually associated with power and authority, however when it is used about a female, the connotation is often quite on the other side of the spectrum. 

But fear not, be yourself, let others think whatever they want to think and carry on. Do it with self confidence, assertiveness, work hard, and utilize your intelligence to be more than just a witch. If you are anything like me, you will chase down your dreams and stay close to your true friends. When someone is hating on you, take that as a compliment, it just means they are intimidated by you or they don't know you at all. Don't feel the need to apologize to anyone who doesn't realize the talent or work ethic that you possess. 
Photos by Susanna Corniani.