January 29, 2013


WEARING: MMM x H&M Men's Jacket, Vintage Velvet Top, Melissa Araujo Mesh leggings, Alexander Wang Marion Bag and Vintage Boots.

Nothing like mixing different shades and fabrics of black together: Velvet + Mesh + Cotton and some Leather = a recipe for success (and stares). Also, I can't tell you how much I wear my Alexander Wang Marion bag, day and night, it works with everything. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of getting a new bag. If you like the leggings I designed for my last collection make sure to check them out here.

I can't believe January is pretty much over. I still have so much to do, and have a feeling February is going to fly by. Sticky notes, to do lists are everywhere in my studio and place; I need to keep focused and on track if I am to finish my collection in time. Plus, I love crossing items off my lists, knowing I accomplished something tangible - It is the best feeling.

January 21, 2013


WEARING: Vintage Wool and Leather Jacket, American Apparel High Waist Shorts + Sheer  Tights, Club Monaco Turtleneck, Schutz Heels and Calvin Klein Clutch.

Sometimes to get to where you want, it is not as simple as going from point A to point B in a straight line. Most times you have to go up, down and sideways to get there. You can't take shortcuts, (at least not for most mortals) you just have to be prepared for a bumpy road to get your dream rolling along. My life is no different, I have been moving sideways, hoping to get where I want to be; taking hard work and creativity to the next level.

This past weekend I finished the research for my new collection, I have decided on the concepts, colours and fabric. Now it is time to translate my sketches into patterns, sew the dreams and discipline together so I can have my collection ready. It will be a long process to get there, but I am keeping faith alive so I don't lose sight.

January 15, 2013


I like when I go through blogs and I see the: "What's in my Bag?" posts. I find it interesting to see what people carry and what is important to them. I finally did one of my own. I have been wanting this bag all year, I have mentioned my love for Alexander Wang many times on my blog. I was lucky enough to get his Marion Bag for Christmas from my bf (THANK YOU).

Here you have it, my favourite bag and the things I carry around in it. This is what I had today: 1. Measuring Tape 2. Sketch/Notebook 3. Eraser 4. Ink Pens (sizes 0.05, 0.1, 0.3) + Pencil 5. Keys 6. Club Monaco Leather Wallet 7. iPhone + Ear Buds 8. Slide Photo 9. Smith's Rosebud Lip Balm 10. Hair Tie 11. Ojon Dry Shampoo 12. Canon AE-1 Film Camera (This particular time I had my camera, usually I have a pair of sunnies instead). What is in your bag, and what are your essentials?

January 10, 2013


WEARING: MA: Oak and Fort Chiffon Dress, American Apparel Dress and High Knee Socks, Club Monaco Clutch and Aldo Heels
CY: Asos Tank Top, American Apparel Body Suit, Cyeoms Ultra Swede Slit Skirt and Aldo Shoes

I have been dreaming of sandy beaches, sunny weather and cocktails in paradise. I am so glad for the power of imagination and the ability to dream, otherwise I don't know how I would survive yet another winter. This day we had planned to shoot outside my house, fair enough mother nature did not see fit for us to do so and sent a lot of snow overnight and the next day. Instead of playing outside we stayed in. Pretending we were someplace else, telling ourselves  little white lies to survive another cold day.

I usually wear pretty structured outfits, so being in this flowing Oak and Fort Chiffon dress was a fun change. I love when Crystal is around, we can just have tea and hang quietly or get the champagne popping and get silly (with horrific hangovers the next day). Sunny or gloomy weather, we always make the best of it.

January 03, 2013


WEARING: Margiela x H&M Men's Blazer, H&M Pants and Dior Heels.

My NYE was mellow, I spent it watching some of my favourite movies, eating take out, drinking wine and treating myself to tons of candy. All of this in the comfort of my pj's. It may sound boring compared to all the parites I was invited to, but I really wanted to start the year in peace and not in some busy club or party. 

This is my first outfit of the year. Keeping it simple, no fuss, just some black and white action. Ready to take over the new year in my men's Margiela blazer (yes once again I shopped in the men section, what can I say it is so much better). I love the double breast and oversized shoulders. I think I made it my own by pairing it with some tight pants and Dior Heels: all very much inspired by one of my fashion icons and French power house Emmanuelle Alt.  Photos by Crystal. Thanks! I feel so privilege having you around for the holidays <3